Where Technical Expertise Meets Unyielding Passion

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Want the most complete EDI and eCommerce integration platform available? logicbroker delivers everything you need to streamline your operation, work smarter and save money.

You know that offering great products is only half the battle. To be successful in eCommerce, you also have to make the ordering process simple, efficient and reliable for your customers. That’s where we come in. With logicbroker’s intelligent automation, you can effortlessly enable drop ship automation and exchange accurate order, catalog, and fulfillment information with trading partners and your own internal systems electronically, eliminating the time, expense and errors associated with traditional manual processes.

Put another way, you can process more orders in less time and otherwise optimize your supply chain for success!

At Logicbroker, our vision is to continually create and strengthen the connections that enable digital commerce, leveraging the latest in cloud and automation technology. Our experienced, energetic and dynamic team is passionate about that vision—and passionate about supporting your goals. We believe this focus is why successful suppliers and retailers rely on our sophisticated tools to enable frictionless commerce for their business.




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Where Technical Expertise Meets Unyielding Passion

When it comes to building and deploying supply chain management tools, Logicbroker’s senior leadership team has deep experience and a strong command of the eCommerce domain.  Our expertise spans the full suite of web stores, back-end ERP systems, intranet, and business intelligence/data warehousing, so you know you’re in good hands.