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Our REST API is built by developers, for developers. With Logicbroker, there is need to learn EDI or have to deal with tedious flat files. Get an API key, make a few API calls and be up and running with all your trading partners – it’s that simple.




One integration. That’s it! Use the Logicbroker Commerce API to automate sending orders and receiving inventory, acknowledgements, shipments, returns, and invoices. Logicbroker will perform the rest of the integrations with your suppliers or warehouses, even if there are 10, 100 or 1,000 of them.  




Say no more to: logging onto your retailers’ portals to process orders manually, upload inventories using spreadsheets, and constantly receiving charge backs for late shipments-even though you shipped on time. Use the Logicbroker API to automate integration with your systems today.