Connected Commerce 17

Connected Commerce is about uniting brands and retailers while bringing the brightest minds and the best of technology together. Join us in celebrating the future of digital commerce and learn how successful eCommerce projects really get done. The 1-day summit will feature thought leadership around scaling digital commerce operations and delivering an exceptional customer experience. There has never been a better time to be involved in digital commerce… Join us to learn, share, and have fun.

Why Attend Connected Commerce 2017?

  • Intimate and collaborative venue to learn how top retailers and brands are leveraging leading platforms for their
    web commerce, fulfillment, hosting, email, product management, and supply chain automation
  • Network with executives that are hands on and lead their organization’s digital commerce strategy
  • Discover automation techniques to scale your operation, make your organization’s systems more reliable, and
    processes more repeatable
  • Rally and strategize to gear up for peak season
  • Have some fun too, because you deserve it
  • Get a cool back pack, water bottle and an incredibly comfortable t-shirt

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Thanks to all of our speakers!

Jules Pieri
Co-founder & CEO
The Grommet

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Brendan Witcher
Principal Analyst

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Andrea Weiss
CEO & Founder
The O Alliance Consulting

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Peyman Zamani

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Jeff Davidson
Vice President - Americas
Ingram Micro Commerce

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Christine Buscarino
SVP Ecommerce and Marketing
Adrianna Papell

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Phillip Jackson
Ecommerce Evangelist
Something Digital

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Vanessa Ferranto
Director, Product Management
The Grommet

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Phil Guindi
VP Platform & Solution
Ingram Micro Commerce

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George Heudorfer
VP Digital Commerce

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Ed Kobloth
Director Product Management

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Brian Lange
Director Sales
Something Digital

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Tony Holbrook
VP of Marketing
Ingram Micro Commerce

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Robert Moore
Head of Business Intelligence

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Craig Regan
Director of Sales

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Chad Cornstubble
Sr. Director of eCommerce
Fossil Group

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Connected Commerce Agenda

7:30–8:30 am Breakfast & Registration



Location: Conference Reception Hall



8:30–9:30 am General Session



Location: Discovery Hall


-Welcome and IntroductionGeorge Heudorfer (Logicbroker)


-The Age of Digital Commerce Democratization: How Brands and Retailers Will Be Growing Online BusinessPeyman Zamani


The first 20 years of the electronic commerce evolution (the 1990s and 2000s) saw retailers driving online growth, with suppliers and brands needing to comply with their technological demands and pay-to-play models. The game has changed. In the 2010s and 2020s, brands are taking the driver’s seat in the age of digital commerce. This session will take an in-depth look at some of the leading brands selling directly online and partnering with many online retailers to drive significant digital commerce growth.


-The Shopping Cart Is Dead: The New Wave of Digital Commerce – Phillip Jackson


This talk will discuss near-future technologies, changing demographics and changing consumer expectations. After a recap of 2016 and a discussion of how ecommerce has changed, we will take a detailed look at the future of commerce.



9:30–10:30 am General Session



Location: Discovery Hall


-The Digital Transformation Imperative: Evolving from Digital Dinosaur to Digital Disruptor – Brendan Witcher


For the past 40 years, business leaders have focused the majority of technology investments on driving higher productivity and business efficiency. But to survive in the age of the customer, firms must also use technology to create innovative digital experiences that in turn create new sources of value for customers. In other words, disrupt, or be disrupted! What does it take to be a digital master? This session will explore how to transform your organization to become customer-obsessed, why connected commerce and seamless experiences are the new norm for retail, and how leading companies are using technology to engage their customers on a personalized level and staying ahead of disruption.



10:30–11:00 Break



Location: Exploration Hall



11:00–Noon Breakout Sessions



Location: Innovation Hall

-Stacked: Gain the Edge by Leveraging Commerce Partnerships – Brian Lange


In this hyper-competitive market of historic significance, partnerships have become necessary for success. Learn which tools, services and technologies are available; who the players are; and how to pick your partners, get the most out of your partners, and be a good partner.


-Turning Tax Compliance into a Profit Center – Ryan Steigerwald


Find out all you need to know about drop shipping and sales tax.


Location: Discovery Hall


From to Leveraging API and Web Automation Apps to Simplify Connectivity to the Internet of Things – Ed Kobloth and Craig Regan


This session will demonstrate how someone with a non-technical background can create connectivity right into the Internet of Things. You’ll see how Logicbroker’s API can use Google Home to send/receive notifications with typing or clicking. You’ll also see how it can automatically create notifications in Slack, send text messages and more! Logicbroker’s product manager will also be there to explain how Logicbroker’s API accomplishes all of this behind the scenes.



Noon – 1:30 pm Executive Round Tables

Location: Exploration Hall

Noon–1:30 pm Lunch



Location: Exploration Hall



1:30–2:30 pm Breakout Sessions



Location: Innovation Hall


-Data-Driven Decision Making for Digital Commerce – Bob Moore


We will review our benchmark data about what top merchants’ metrics look like from a growth and customer loyalty perspective. Focus on case studies from real customers about how they use data to make smarter decisions and impact these metrics. Included will be new benchmarking data about the growth of SKU counts as a customer grows, and how to use product-specific analytics to identify high-value product categories or vendors as part of using data to drive a business.


The Future of Commerce – Phil Guindi and Tony Holbrook


Discussion will revolve around three main areas: Scaling digital commerce operations, discovering automation techniques to scale your operation, and making your organization’s systems more reliable and processes more repeatable. Learn how leading online retailers and brands are leveraging leading platforms for their web commerce, fulfillment, hosting, email, product management and supply chain automation.


Location: Discovery Hall


-The Power of Circles: Seamless Circular Commerce – Andrea Weiss


Retailers and brands have continued to wrestle with the fundamental changes in consumer behavior, which are shifting due to a convergence of technology and demographics. Organizational responses have ranged from adopting new and experimental technologies, a proliferation of buzzwords, and omni-channel focused group think. Yet, as we enter the second decade of e-commerce impact, few companies feel that they have transcended into the future state of “seamless circular commerce.”


What can we learn from the power of the simple circle that can enlighten an organization and help today’s leaders create the commerce model of the future? From Stonehenge to a Silicon Valley scrum, why is the circle always at the root of meaningful change? Take a techno-anthropological tour to better understand why and how organizations will replace traditional hierarchies to solve connected commerce.


-Product Management and the User Experience: Panel Discussion – Andrea Weiss, Vanessa Ferranto, Chad Cornstubble, Christine Buscarino



2:30–3:00 pm Break



Location: Exploration Hall



3:00–4:00 pm General Session



Location: Discovery Hall


-How to Discover the Next Big Thing – Jules Pieri

-The Sharing Economy – Jeff Davidson

Sustaining success in business is dependent on understanding and being able to “jump the curve” — in other words, identifying the next phase of opportunity and positioning your business to take advantage of it (and lead the way). The alternative is to remain static and let the world change around you until your business is no longer competitive or in demand. Join us to talk about what jumping the curve looks like today, how the sharing economy applies to our industry and can be used jump the curve, and what all of this means for your business and the future.

Concluding Remarks



4:00–6:00 pm Reception



Location: Exploration Hall



Things To Do



To make the most of your time at Connected Commerce, we recommend staying onsite at Mohegan Sun, where we have secured a room block at preferential rates. Rooms start at $155 per night (Limited Availability). You also must be a registered attendee to book a room with this rate.

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