Seamlessly Integrate EDI with Dydacomp M.O.M

Seamlessly Integrate EDI with Dydacomp M.O.M

Dydacomp has been providing premier Order Management Systems for many mid-level businesses since 1986. Dydacomp M.O.M allows organizations to have one central program for order management and inventory management. These robust functions have been a key driver for many mid-level businesses to turn to Dydacomp M.O.M.  

As a central hub for your order and inventory management, Dydacomp M.O.M is very efficient and effective. But, what if you rely on a shopping cart or drop ship to support your business? Well, we have found many companies are forced to manually rekey or upload data for these into Dydacomp M.O.M – a process that is time consuming and costly. Although ineffective, companies cannot abandon the process because it is important to their supply chain and they need to get the information into Dydacomp M.O.M.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could sync the information directly to Dydacomp M.O.M?

Well, by leveraging a platform like like logicbroker– we can make this happen today. Logicbroker can integrate shopping carts directly to Dydacomp M.O.M by using its robust API. If you are a retailer using a shopping cart (such as Magento, Volusion, Nexternal, or a custom built cart) it can eliminate the headache of manually uploading or rekeying order information to Dydacomp M.O.M. Logicbroker can also help automate the process of updating tracking information, inventory, and pricing from Dydacomp M.O.M to shopping carts- helping you eliminate lost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

When it comes to drop ship, logicbroker will use EDI to communicate directly with your trading partners. EDI is short for electronic data interchange and it allows computer systems to exchange documents and information between each other. EDI can open up new opportunities including the endless aisle, omni-channel retailing, better vendor scores, and adding new trading partners quickly. So how does EDI work and how can it help you? Well, it will allow you to transmit and receive purchase orders (EDI 850) directly to Dydacomp M.O.M to be processed. By having this automated, it will allow you to process orders quicker and free up resources that previously spent time chasing down orders in different formats and then manually fulfilled them. By integrating with Dydacomp M.O.M, it will also will allow you to automate the process of sending back any ASN (Advance Shipment Notice EDI 856), PO Ack (Purchase Order Acknowledgement, EDI 855), Invoices (EDI 810), and GS1-128 (UCC-128).

As a strategic partner with Dydacomp, Logic Technology has the experience in providing the right end-to-end EDI solution and integration with Dydacomp M.O.M. If you think logicbroker can help your business, please contact us and one of our specialist will provide you with more information. Also, check back with us for more blogs and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter(@logicbroker) for daily updates.