Have you considered Drop Shipping?

Have you considered Drop Shipping?


By Matthew Barbour,  Account Manager at Nexternal

Drop shipping is an order fulfillment strategy where the online retailer does not keep products in inventory, and relies onsuppliers to ship orders directly to customers. There are numerous benefits associated with drop shipping, including:

Larger Product Selection – You are able to offer many more products for sale than what you’re able to stock in inventory.

Speed to Market – You can bring products to market more quickly, by eliminating the wait times from when products are shipped from the manufacturer until you receive them.

Reduced Risk – You can test out new products without having to invest in the inventory up front, or the additional costs associated with storing inventory.

Time-Saving – You can save a ton of time since they don’t have to worry about receiving and managing inventory, or pulling, packing or shipping these products.

Highly Scalable – You can easily scale a drop shipping business since you are not manually fulfilling any orders

Location Flexibility – You can run a drop shipping business from just about anywhere

The Nexternal eCommerce Platform has a built-in Drop Ship module which will help you automate the backend functions associated with managing orders for drop ship vendors. This includes:

  • Automatically Email Drop Ship Vendors Relevant Order Line Items & Ship To Addresses
  • Drop Ship Vendors Update Line Item Status with Tracking Numbers Through Web Portal
  • Calculate Shipping Accurately using Nexternal’s Multiple Ship From Feature

If your drop ship vendors require Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration, lucky for you Logicbroker provides custom EDI integration  as a service, furthering Nexternal’s drop shipping functionality.

About Nexternal 
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