How to Integrate your Nexternal Platform with an EDI Integration Hub

How to Integrate your Nexternal Platform with an EDI Integration Hub

Nexternal is a complete eCommerce platform that offers hosted shopping cart software and everything you need to reduce your order fulfillment overhead. Nexternal also boasts an XML Toolset that allows for integrations with third party apps. Choosing to utilize a third party integration company offers you numerous benefits including the elimination of manual data entry, drop ship automation, and process more orders in less time.

A benefit of choosing to implement an integration platform that is cloud-based is that nothing needs to be installed on your server. A flexible platform, such as logicbroker, integrates with Nexternal through XML. The flexible communication that is a key component of logicbroker enables integrations with EDI systems, ERPs, and more. When you are integrated with trading partners and all of your internal systems are connected, procurement documents flow seamlessly and automatically, eliminating the need to manually enter data.

The electronic flow of documents also reduces your costs per transaction. There is no need for paper and postage, and since no data needs to be rekeyed, the chances of order errors are completely eliminated. According to Gartner, it costs five times as much to process an erroneous business transaction. With an integration hub, you will also enjoy catalog management, inventory, and feed automation.

Integrating your systems and leveraging EDI also automates your drop ship process. EDI facilitates communication between trading partners, making drop-shipping both possible and painless. The flow of EDI documents ensures information sent between partners is accurate and flows much faster than email, fax, or phone calls. Drop shipping without EDI would be filled with headaches because the process would be slower and manual, which opens the door to costly human errors made while rekeying information. The chance of backordering is also eliminated; as inventory feeds (EDI 846s) are sent in real-time, ensuring your Nexternal site is always up-to-date.

Since EDI documents travel much faster than paper documents, and are automated unlike emails, phone calls, and faxes, the order cycle is shortened. By streamlining the order cycle, you can process more orders in less time. EDI enables you to work more efficiently, and in turn watch your Nexternal business grow and prosper.