Partner Program

Partner Program

As far as eCommerce platforms go, Magento is the leader of the pack boasting 26.52% market share of the Alexa Top 1M. Merchants flock to Magento due to its flexibility, robust extension marketplace, and immense partner network. Logicbroker is looking to form relationships with other Magento partners to deliver complete solutions for merchants.

What We Do

Logicbroker delivers EDI, drop ship automation, and eCommerce integration solutions for Magento merchants. While our solution enables clients to perform more efficiently by eliminating errors and time spent re-keying data, our solution is a relief to our partners as well. With a Logicbroker partnership, there is no need to spend time building and maintaining custom integrations. Instead, experienced members of the Logicbroker team will handle all mapping, testing, and ongoing support of all integrations.

Partnership Benefits

With Logicbroker, our partners are backed by our trusted platform to deliver complete solutions to clients on the front and back end. We are willing to provide demos, testimonials, and more to help you win deals. Partners will also have the opportunity to participate in our Summer Thought Leadership webinar series, sponsor or co-host industry/Magento events, collaborate on various marketing materials and more! We also provide monetary compensation for leads that become customers.

For our mutual clients, we will deliver end-to-end EDI solutions and/or drop ship automation. Having an EDI solution automates the sending and receiving of procurement documents and eliminates the need to manually re-key information—freeing up their team to focus on other areas of the business. In addition, utilizing logicbroker as an EDI solution allows clients to adhere to industry standards and do business with big box retailers, who mandate all of their trading partners be EDI compliant. Because of Logicbroker’s large integration portfolio we can rapidly onboard new trading partners. Once the mapping and testing has finished, clients can begin exchanging order documents with trading partners and grow their business at a faster pace.

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