Exact is a leading provider of business solutions for small- to medium-sized (SMB) manufacturing and distribution companies. With logicbroker, Exact customers can enjoy full drop ship automation and a seamlessly-integrated, streamlined supply chain. Logicbroker provides a Magento Connector for Exact Online, enabling orders to flow from Magento to Exact, bring tracking information from Exact to Magento, and exchange inventory and catalog information.

Magento Integration

Logicbroker enables a seamless integration between Exact and Magento with no need to import/export.

  • Catalog and product information-using Exact as item master, keep your Magento store in sync and up to date with the most recent product catalog information
  • Inventory information- real-time visibility to quantity on hand
  • Order information- automatically import web orders into Exact without re-keying data
  •  Shipping information- once the order is fulfilled, tracking is sent to Magento and order status is changed to shipped, triggering the shipment notification email to the customer
  • Automatically send sales orders and receive purchase order acknowledgements (PO Acks), shipping information and invoices

ShipStation Integration

ShipStation provides the tools to quickly and easily manage order fulfillment. Logicbroker seamlessly integrates Exact Online with ShipStation to enable the automatic exchange of shipment and fulfillment information. With a ShipStation integration, you can:

  • Have a fully automated shipping solution
  • Eliminate rekeying of information
  • Print branded packing slips and shipping information
  • Have instant access to all major carriers under one platform
  • Near real-time visibility to orders and shipments
  • Automatically include a return label

$49 per month or free of charge if you are using Magento Integration or EDI Integration Exact Apps

Receive Orders Automatically via EDI

For suppliers that work with big-box retailers and trading partners that send orders electronically, logicbroker can:

  • Receive EDI purchase orders (850)
  • Automatically send purchase order acknowledgements (EDI 855)
  • Translate and dynamically create sales orders in Exact
  • Receive other popular PO formats, like XML, CSV, or web service
  • Provide a web portal for non-EDI trading partners that is integrated directly to Exact

Generate and Send ASNs via EDI

Easily send shipping information to trading partners.

  • Automatically generate and send advanced shipment notices (ASNs) to trading partners
  • Supported formats include EDI (856), CSV, XML, or email notification
  • Full bar code labeling compliance and GS1-128 (UCC-128) support
  • Pre-populated packing slip

Automate Inventory and Pricing Updates via EDI

Provide precise pricing and inventory updates to trading partners without manual touches.

  • Send inventory updates in real time or configure for  individual business needs
  • Pull quantity on hand and turn into EDI (846)
  • Pull current price level and turn into EDI (832)
  • Supported formats include EDI, XML, and CSV
  • Logicbroker manages the mapping and satisfies your trading partners’ unique required formats

Send Invoices via EDI

Get paid faster and condense the order-to-cash cycle by sending invoices electronically.

  • Invoices are pulled from Exact and automatically translated
  • Flexible configuration based on business requirements
  • EDI invoices meet with trading partners’ format
  • Supported formats include EDI (810), XML, and CSV

Pricing Tiers

$99/ mo.
EDI Connector
1 Trading Partner
Receive POs via EDI to Sales Orders
Send PO Acks 
Automatically send ASNs
25 orders/month
$1 per additional order
$2,450 Setup Fee
Email Support Only
Standard Plus
$485/ mo.
Everything in Standard
2 Trading Partners
Send PO Acks
Packing Slip
300 Orders/month 
$0.75 per additional order 
$4,850 Setup Fee
Email and Phone Support 
from $985/ mo.
Everything in Standard Plus 
5 Trading Partners 
Send PO Acks
Inventory Feed 
Catalog Feed 
Pricing Feed
1,000 orders/month
$0.50 per additional order
$9,850 Setup Fee 
Dedicated Client Delivery Analyst

Web Connectors

$99/ mo.
Sync Order Info i.e. Magento to Exact
Tracking info. from Exact to Magento
500 orders/month
$499 Setup Fee
Email Support Only 
$199/ mo.
Everything in Standard
Real-time inventory sync from Exact to Magento
Dynamic product induction in Magento
Real-time Pricing Update
Unlimited Orders
$499 Setup Fee 
Dedicated Client Delivery Analyst 

Web Connectors Available