Logicbroker Portal

Whether you are a retailer, brand, or strategic partner with multiple customers using Logicbroker, our portal – built on top of our REST API – is your view to all your supply chain data activities:Logicbroker Portal

  • Search million of EDI, XML and text files instantaneously using any fields in the document
  • Subscribe to over 60 proactive notifications including Supplier Compliance Operation Reports that highlights inactivity with certain trading partners
  • Bulk upload/download spreadsheets for documents such as orders, shipments, invoices, and returns
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Monitor you GMV growth
  • Print packing slips or GS1 labels with no additional fees or 3rd party integrations
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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the structured transmission of data between organizations by electronic means. Amazing speed and significant cost savings has made EDI the medium of choice to transmit electronic documents and business information. EDI eliminates the need for many manual processes within eCommerce. Sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, ASNs, inventory files, returns and other business documents flow electronically without data entry or human involvement. The Logicbroker platform has a native EDI translation engine for all of these supply chain related documents.

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Drop Ship Automation

Drop ship automation is a core capability of the Logicbroker platform:Dropship Order Management

  • Eliminate the risks associated with manual drop shipping: backorders, rekeying errors, and lost time
  • Real-time visibility to all of your drop ship transactions
  • Proactive monitoring to maintain compliance
  • Built for both retailers and brands
  • Protect your margins with no transaction fee subscription

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eCommerce Integrations


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Create incredible efficiency through integration and connect the fragmented systems that power your business. With Logicbroker, your ERP, accounting software, OMS, shopping cart and trading partners can be fully integrated with an end-to-end solution. Choosing to integrate your eCommerce store with Logicbroker enables drop ship automation, the endless aisle, omni-channel retailing, and all of your orders to be sent/received in one format. In addition to Logicbroker’s native EDI support, you can easily connect one or more of your fragmented systems using the Logicbroker REST API, commerapi.io.

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