QuickBooks and Nexternal: Automation through Integration

QuickBooks and Nexternal: Automation through Integration

QuickBoooks and Nexternal: Automation through IntegrationAs a follow up to the webinar QuickBooks and Nexternal: Automation through Integration we are posting this blog to recap key features and the Q&A session.

Key Takeaways of the QuickBooks Connector:

  • Connects Nexternal and QuickBooks through their respective APIs.
  • Configurable to meet your specific business needs
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry
  • Helps companies perform more efficiently by freeing up resources
  • Enjoy automated document flow, bi-directional connector can pull information from Nexternal and drop it into QuickBooks, or pull information from QuickBooks and direct it to Nexternal.

Q&A Session Recap:

When you issue a partial refund, does it update the invoice in QuickBooks?

  • It does not update once invoice has been created in QB

Cost of program?

  • One-time setup fee of $485, $99 per month

Does logicbroker have the capability to connect with other platforms?

  • Yes, the connector can work with ERPs, OMSs, or do end-to-end EDI with trading partners.  Our platform can also do standard XML through web service or secure FT and connect to custom systems or legacy green screens if they can import/export xml.

What happens when you update an order in Nexternal? Will it update in QuickBooks?

  • Connector based on statuses. When status changes in Nexternal it will update QuickBooks , through the sync manager as frequently as every five minutes

Can you set the sync manager to run automatically? What intervals?

  • Yes. Most the most frequent is every 5 minutes. You can also run manually.

Is the pricing the same for QB online?

  • Yes. For the connector there will be a one-time setup fee of $485 and a recurring monthly fee of $99.