Community Outreach Announcement


Microsoft Dynamics Convergence in New Orleans is only a few days away. With it rapidly approaching, we at Logic Technology are happy to announce that we will be partnering with Projects with Purpose to make a charitable to donation to Fuel the Future during the show.

Fuel the Future seeks to alleviate chronic hunger among school age children in order to enhance academic capacity which is often hindered by food insecurity.  Approximately, 30,000 New Orleans students go hungry on the weekend because they cannot rely on school provided meals. For the students participating in the program, they receive a backpack of food every Friday that school is in session – this allows them to eat for the entire weekend. The packs are organized and delivered by local volunteers.  Logic Technology is look forward to opportunity to give back to the community the New Orleans Community that will be hosting everyone during the event.

Our goal is to fund enough food packs for one student for the entire year!  Want to help us? All you have to do it use the hashtag #logicbrokergives on Twitter during Microsoft Dynamics Convergence. At the end of the event, we will count up all of the tweets that were sent and for every person that tweets using #logicbrokergives we will donate a $1 dollar until we reach our goal. We are really looking forward to having the entire eCommerce community help us. Please stop by our booth, 2457, in hall C for more information on EDI integration, logicbroker, and to see how you can help Fuel the Future during the show. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@logicbroker) for more updates on Microsoft Dynamics Convergence and our work with Fuel the Future.