Logic Technology, LLC is now Logicbroker, Inc.


Logic Technology, LLC Announces Company Name Change

Logic Technology, LLC is now Logicbroker, Inc.

SHELTON, CT—July 8, 2013-Logic Technology, LLC, the provider of the cloud-based integration hub, logicbroker®, announced today that the company will begin operating under a new name, Logicbroker, Inc. In addition to unveiling a new name, the company is also utilizing a new website domain,

Logic Technology was founded in 1998 as a consulting company. In 2010, the building of logicbroker® began. In 2012, with the launch of logicbroker®, the company’s focus shifted from consulting to providing an end-to-end solution for eCommerce supply chain automation.

“We are very excited to operate under a new company name,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO of Logicbroker, Inc. “It has been a big year for us and we want to reflect how logicbroker® has become a key player in the eCommerce industry. Changing our name to represent our product demonstrates we are committed to the long term success of logicbroker® and its continued innovation in the world of eCommerce.”

By unifying the company and product, Logicbroker, Inc. seeks to eliminate the confusion previously associated with their old identity, while committing to the logicbroker® brand. With global recognition on the horizon, unification measures became increasingly important. Joining logicbroker® with Logicbroker Inc. gives one identity to the most complete eCommerce integration platform available.

About Logicbroker, Inc:  Logicbroker, Inc. delivers logicbroker®, the most complete eCommerce platform available. logicbroker® is a cloud-based integration hub that connects the fragmented systems your business relies on and automates the exchange of everything from inventory and purchase orders, to tracking information and invoices.  With logicbroker®, you can reduce your cost per transactions and effortlessly exchange procurement information electronically with your website, ERP, suppliers, and trading partners. For more information, visit