Integrating QuickBooks with EDI

QuickBooks is the #1 rated accounting software for small businesses. It manages your business’ sales and expenses from one place and automates time-consuming processes such as creating invoices, bills, checks, or business reports. However, when an order is placed online, many web-based companies must manually transfer the order information into QuickBooks, an inefficient and costly process. Whether a company is looking to drop ship to customers or fulfill orders from their own warehouses, small and medium sized businesses are, for the most part, performing these data entry tasks manually, thereby putting a strain on their headcount and resources. What if this information could be directly inputted to QuickBooks, without a company having to go through the tedious process of doing it itself?

Small companies are watching their dollars and looking for an affordable, easy to use, timesaving technology managed from a third party to avoid investing in technical resources. They need a scalable solution that can be implemented quickly, automate the manual processes, and allow their business to keep growing. A beneficial solution would be leveraging a platform such as logicbroker, a cloud-based eCommerce platform for integration and automation that uses EDI, or electronic data interchange, to help companies communicate better with their trading partners. EDI is a method of transferring data electronically between organizations and eliminates all need for manual procedures. When a retailer places an order with a customer online, using a cloud-based EDI provider, such as logicbroker, relieves the headache of manually rekeying order information. It sends a Purchase Order (EDI 850) to the customer and automatically transfers it to QuickBooks. The EDI provider then sends an Advance Shipment Notice (EDI 856) to the retailer containing all the information on their order, and finally sends an Invoice (EDI 810) to the retailer for payment.

Rekeying data manually into QuickBooks after receiving or fulfilling an order is a lengthy procedure that may prevent your business from thriving. By implementing a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution that uses EDI, such as the one provided by logicbroker, your business can be taken to the next level. It ensures the entry of accurate, up-to-date information and eliminates room for any potential errors, thereby increasing the efficiency of your business and in the long run improving customer satisfaction.