UCC-128/GS1-128 Barcode Labels


The GS1-128, better known as the UCC-128, is the global standard for exchanging data between companies. It uses a series of application identifiers to include data such as batch numbers, quantities, weights, and other information needed by the user. Besides encoding data, the UCC-128 defines the meaning of the data by defining a list of “application identifiers” (AIs). Every UCC-128 symbol encodes at least one AI to indicate the kind of data encoded. Typiclly, the AI decides both the length and format of the data.

 UCC-128 barcode labels are important because they have become a mandate by large retailers, such as Walmart, Macy’s, and Best Buy. When the barcode is scanned, the customer (retailer) knows exactly what the contents of the carton are without having to open it. The UCC-128 refers directly to the advance ship notice (ASN) that the customer would have previously received, which confirms the package, carrton, pallet, etc. For companies that receive multiple shipments, this is a time-saving method to check shipment accuracy without having to manually count each piece.  Receiving docks are much less chaotic, as cartons are scanned and sent off to their appropriate desitnation without ever having to be opened. Suppliers that elect to conform to the UCC-128 standard will note improved cash flow and improved sales. Often, suppliers that cannot adopt UCC-128 receive a penalty fee per transaction. If the supplier cannot become UCC-128 compliant within a specific time frame, they can lose business with the retailer. Adopting the UCC-128 standard ensures a good business-to-business relationship, and continued sales transactions. The use of UCC-128 labels allows the supply chain to be streamlined by automating the shipping portion of the process. Also, utilizing EDI and UCC-128s results in less human errors, less paper, and more profits for both supplier and retailer, as their order process has become automated.

Your EDI solution determines how you will create and print the UCC-128 label. Using logicbroker as your EDI provider helps make a seemingly intimidating task simple and streamlined. Logicbroker is cloud-based. Its portal function is user friendly, and simplifies the entire ‘pick, pack, and ship’ process. Creating pallettes and cartons is easy. Once your shipment has been created, you can then print the UCC-128 label that logicbroker has generated. The entire process is quick and painless and allows you to supply large retailers, which will inevitably help to grow your business.