20 New Features for GP 2013

GP 2013 has been released for over 6 months now and it is obvious that GP web client is the talk of the town, but there are some other features that are just as exciting. Here is our list for our favorite 20 new features.

System Features
  1. Ability to Select Printer
    1. When printing a document in GP you can now select any printer available on your machine.
  2. You can attach documents and files on the following records and transactions
    1. Item Record, Customer Record, and Vendor Record
    2. Sales Quote, Order, Fulfillment Order, Invoice, Return, Backorder
    3. Purchase Order, Blanket, Drop-Ship PO, DS Blanket PO
    4. Shipment  Receipt, Ship/Invoice Receipt, Purchasing invoice receipt, In-transit transfer receipt
    5. Purchasing Return, Return/Credit, Purchasing Inventory, Inventory w/Credit
  3. Send Customer Statements in an email through Receivables Management.
  4. You can save your sorting options on the following lookup windows:
    1. Items Lookup
    2. Employees Lookup
    3. Customers Lookup
    4. Sales People Lookup
    5. Vendors Lookup
Installation and Deployment
  1. You can use multiple DYNAMICS databases for multiple instances of GP
General Ledger
  1. You have the option to keep inactive accounts with zero balances during year-end close; options are listed below:
    1. Delete all inactive accounts with zero balances
    2. Keep all inactive accounts with zero balances
    3. Delete inactive accounts with zero balances that have no budget amounts
    4. Keep inactive accounts with zero balances that have budget amounts
  2. Inventory and Bank Reconciliation are added to “Reconcile to GL”
You can use the Reconcile to GL window to generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can help you match transactions in General Ledger with the originating transactions in:
    1. Payables Management
    2. Receivables Management
    3. Inventory
    4. Bank Reconciliation.

The reconcile routine will not change data automatically, but helps you identify those transactions which may need to be corrected

Payables Management
  1. Reprint Remittance forms and stubs for posted check payments
  2. You can view whether a transaction has been reconciled or not in the Void Open and Historical Payables screens
  3. Voiding a payment on an invoice will unapply all credit memos and returns on the invoice once voided.
Receivables Management
  1. Can apply multicurrency cash receipts to transactions in the same currency before posting the transaction.
Inventory Control
  1. Change Standard Cost on Items will revalue items across the general ledger.
  2. Inactivate items on Item Maintenance card.
  3. Inactivate Site IDs to disable new transactions going to a site.
  4. Assign Cross sell item suggestions to an item
Purchase Order Processing
  1. Enter a Pre-Payment amount when entering a purchase order. You can then generate a computer check in payables management.
Sales Order Processing
  1. Print backordered items on Pick Tickets
  2. Combine multiple fulfillment orders on one invoice
  3. Ship to Addresses on Sales orders can be printed on the sales documents.
  4. Can Combine multiple Ship-to Addresses on one Purchase Order or combine multiple sales orders on one drop ship purchase order.