The NEXT Big Thing

Logicbroker partners with UConn for comprehensive market research. 

We are pleased to share that Logicbroker has been featured in an online article for the Fairfield County Business Journal. The Logicbroker team recently completed a collaboration effort with the University of Connecticut. The large-scale market analysis helped deconstruct the $5 billion eCommerce integration/automation market into more usable parts. The project was led by Logicbroker COO Karim Hadchiti.

“Karim Hadchiti gave the students experience with a senior executive, an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, including opportunities that would not happen in a typical classroom,” said UConn’s Brian Brady. “The project was a true win/win, providing actionable data for a growing eCommerce company as well invaluable insight to our students.” Click here to read the full article.