Logicbroker and Solid Commerce Join Forces to Streamline Ordering and Fulfillment Process for Businesses



Logicbroker and Solid Commerce Join Forces to Streamline Ordering and Fulfillment Process for Businesses

Partnership will provide EDI and drop ship automation to small- and medium-sized businesses


Shelton, Conn., Jan. 7, 2014- Logicbroker Inc. (Logicbroker), a provider of supply chain management tools and logicbroker®, a complete eCommerce platform for automation and integration, today announced they have partnered with Solid Commerce, a solution for multichannel eCommerce that streamlines the entire online selling process, from inventory to delivery, in one centralized interface.

Through the partnership, Logicbroker and Solid Commerce will help small- and medium-sized businesses connect to multiple suppliers; deliver electronic data interchange (EDI); and offer automated drop ship deployment.

“This partnership allows us to deliver a product to small- and medium-sized businesses that will help eliminate some of the pain points of doing business,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO at Logicbroker. “When you combine logicbroker® with Solid Commerce, the result is a solution that saves customers time and helps them make more money.”

Logicbroker® offers a full service EDI solution that seamlessly integrates with Solid Commerce, enabling all documents to flow seamlessly to and from Solid Commerce and eliminating the need for manual data entry. By implementing logicbroker®, businesses can connect to multiple suppliers and open up an endless aisle of virtual inventory for drop ship deployment that takes away the cost of holding inventory.

Solid Commerce delivers a web-based system that encompasses the entire sales process and allows users to manage products and inventory, list and price items, track vendors and orders, and perform fulfillment and shipping.

“The sales, ordering and fulfillment process is a critical part of any company’s customer-service operations,” said Eran Pick, CEO of Solid Commerce. “Together, we can help businesses to expedite orders, reduce errors and create relationships with multiple suppliers, so they can remain focused on creating the best product or service that keeps customers coming back.”

About Logicbroker Inc.

Logicbroker Inc. delivers logicbroker®, the most complete eCommerce platform available. logicbroker® is a cloud-based integration hub that connects the fragmented systems your business relies on and automates the exchange of everything from inventory and purchase orders, to tracking information and invoices. With logicbroker®, you can reduce your cost per transaction and effortlessly exchange procurement information electronically with your website, ERP, suppliers, and EDI trading partners. For more information, visit

About Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce gives you a complete solution for selling online. Sophisticated inventory management software matched with dedicated support saves you time and boosts your sales. Our core values are simple, develop the tools and features our clients want and provide the world-class service our clients deserve. Our web-based system helps you with the entire sales process: from product and inventory management, to listing and pricing your items, to managing vendors and orders, to fulfillment and shipping; Solid Commerce provides you with the tools to effectively sell online. For more information, visit