Top Reasons to Integrate your Magento and NetSuite Platforms

netsuite_rectangleTop Reasons to Integrate your Magento and NetSuite Platforms



NetSuite offers a powerful, cloud-based ERP system that is rapidly taking over the eCommerce space while Magento’s shopping cart caters to over 200,000 users. Because each platform specializes in different tasks, it is common to utilize both systems. However, without a means of connecting NetSuite to Magento, the platforms will not communicate with one another, forcing users to resort to manual tasks including rekeying and import/export. An integration hub, like logicbroker, can seamlessly integrate Magento to NetSuite and create incredible efficiency for your business. Here are our top reasons to integrate your Magento and NetSuite Platforms.

Exchange Catalog Information

Using NetSuite as your item master, keep your Magento store in sync and up to date with the latest product catalog information. With this ease of information sharing, you can effortlessly open up an endless aisle of virtual goods for your customers.

Share Inventory Information

With logicbroker, you can have real-time visibility to quantity on hand. You can have the confidence in knowing your inventory levels will always be up to date and accurate, and you will not have to worry about backordering or selling something that is out of stock.

Transfer Order Information

Once an order is received from your Magento store, web orders are automatically inserted into NetSuite without re-keying data. This will save you time and free up resources, allowing your business to grow.

Send Shipping Information

After an order is fulfilled, tracking information is sent to Magento and the order status is changed to shipped, triggering the shipment notification email to the customer.

In addition, logicbroker allows Magento and NetSuite users to automatically send sales orders and receive purchase order acknowledgements, shipping information and invoices. By implementing logicbroker to enable communication between NetSuite and Magento, you can ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible. Eliminate manual data entry; work in real-time to avoid any inventory snafus, and smoothly carry over tracking information from NetSuite to Magento. Through automation, you reduce, if not eliminate, your chances of costly errors and can enjoy the process scaling your business without increasing your headcount. To learn more about logicbroker’s Magento to NetSuite integration or to see a demo, email [email protected] or call 203-929-7633.