Logicbroker Announces Strategic Alliance with Exact Online


Logicbroker Announces Strategic Alliance with Exact Online

Partnership will provide Magento integration and EDI solutions for small manufacturers and
wholesale distributors

Logicbroker Inc., a provider of supply chain management tools and logicbroker®, a complete cloud-based eCommerce platform for automation and integration, announced today a partnership with Exact Online, a leading supplier of cloud-based software for small manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Through this partnership, Logicbroker and Exact Online will offer customers a fully-integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution, enabling them to bridge the gap between Exact’s cloud-based business software and trading partners. Logicbroker’s partnership with Exact Online enables customers to enjoy full drop ship automation and a
seamlessly-integrated, streamlined supply chain. Logicbroker provides a Magento Connector for Exact Online, enabling eCommerce orders to flow from Magento to Exact, as well as exchange inventory and catalog information.

“By partnering with Exact Online we can give clients the deep integrations they need to effectively run their businesses,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO at Logicbroker. “Our products work in tandem to streamline the supply chain and eliminate time consuming manual touches.”

Exact Online provides cloud-based business software that is designed specifically for small manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Exact Online simplifies manufacturing and wholesale distribution, enabling customers to streamline inventory, production, manufacturing, CRM, accounting and other aspects of their business.

“Our strategic partnership with Logicbroker allows us to give Exact Online customers a full package,” said Martijn Feekes, manager of Ecosystem and AppCenter at Exact Online. “For small businesses who wish to remain lean, integrating logicbroker® and Exact Online into their Magento shopping carts enables them to run their business with three seamlessly connected systems.”

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