Amazon Video Shorts: What are they and how do they affect my business?

By Logicbroker | September 15, 2014

Amazon’s Video Shorts page offers viewers more than just a place to view videos. Beyond providing Video Details including runtime, genre, synopsis, channel, and ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) a sidebar next to the video recommends related items you might want to purchase based on the content you view. Currently Video shorts cover a wide variety of topics including music videos, movie trailers, various how to videos, and much more.

Below is a screen shot taken of a teaser clip for Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Your Week. To the side of the video, the full copy of Rodney’s video is for sale along with DVDs on Flexibility and Twists. Interested buyers can click on the DVD they wish to purchase and will be brought to the standard Amazon product page where they can select the exact DVD they want and checkout.


So, why should you care about Amazon’s Video Shorts? Well, they reinforces the importance of video content when trying to sell a product. While SMBs will not have the budget or resources to open up a complete video channel, at the very least you should incorporate product videos. These videos do not have to be fancy, but should show your product angles and details, and they should be placed in a setting to mimic how your client would see them. If you are selling mixing bowls, film them being used in the kitchen. If you sell team gear, film your friends and family wearing merchandise at a sporting event or enjoying a game at home. The North Face does a great job of simple product videos, showing individuals wearing/using their products, highlighting features and versatility, and all angles.

Telling a story with product videos appeals to shopper’s emotions. While a quality product image is important, product videos take selling online to the next level. If Amazon has gone through the process of combining YouTube and eCommerce, they must be on to something. A simple camera and video editing software are all you need to create sale-inspiring videos. Brick-and-mortar stores have relied on television commercials to display quick snippets of products to lure in customers. Product videos are an enhancement, focused solely on selling a specific product (and are much more affordable than buying airtime)

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