BigCommerce + Logicbroker Make it Easy to Stay on Top of Drop Ship Orders

By Logicbroker | October 4, 2019

BigCommerce/Logicbroker hero image

When it comes to updating inventory,  it’s easy to get caught up in manual data entry, costing valuable time and the increased chance of human error. Logicbroker and BigCommerce’s partnership set out to fix this issue by combining the eCommerce SaaS platform with drop ship and EDI automation.

The animation below shows the concise process for updating inventory feeds into your BigCommerce store. Instead of having to manually update inventory in your BigCommerce site,  then enter the updates into a spreadsheet, the Logicbroker platform enables users to make all updates from one central location.

Updating inventory in BigCommerce and Logicbroker

Additionally, when users want to add different inventory to their BigCommerce site, Logicbroker portal users can upload products feeds using our “pre-PIM”system. Learn more about Logicbroker’s pre-PIM, product flow integration system here.

Logicbroker app in BigCommerce app storeInterested in modernizing your drop ship network and eliminating manual data entry for your BigCommerce account? Download our app in the BigCommerce App Store or visit: For a detailed look at the Logicbroker + BigCommerce setup and configuration, visit our help center.

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