The new JackRabbit + Olympia team turned to Logicbroker to manage a drop ship Salesforce Commerce Cloud migration.

“In a changing world, Logicbroker has been a constant, we can rely on their responsive team and rock-solid platform to handle our companies’ growth and new opportunities."

Brian Styler, VP, Systems and Integrations at JackRabbit


CriticalPoint Capital, a private investment firm and owner of Running Specialty Group, LLC which includes the brands JackRabbit, Clever Training, Surf Outfitters, Olympia Sports and most recently , acquired Olympia Sports in late 2019 in a move to build out a portfolio of active lifestyle companies with a specialty focus ( The JackRabbit + Olympia team knew that they needed to modernize their tech stack in order to continue to expand their retail footprint and inventory assortment. The team decided to migrate off their current eCommerce site and upgrade to Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable Olympia Sports B2B and distribution. Because of high order volume, this migration needed to happen seamlessly with no downtime or interruption between each site, drop shippers and distribution partners.


The new JackRabbit + Olympia team turned to the Logicbroker platform to manage the drop ship Salesforce Commerce Cloud migration. Utilizing their prebuilt Commerce Cloud Cartridge, the Logicbroker team was able to ‘lift and shift’ off the gen-1 eCommerce platform. As Logicbroker is a multi-tenant solution, there was no need to rework integrations with each drop shipper, all connections carried over. The team worked quickly to update endpoints and workflows to ensure a seamless transition while also onboarding JackRabbit + Olympia Sports’ trading partners. The entire process took less than 90 days.


With a new eCommerce platform built to scale, the JackRabbit + Olympia team have the tools and capacity needed to handle the influx of orders. As fitness enthusiasts have invested in apparel and accessories for their at-home workouts, there has been an increased demand for performance sneakers and athleisure.

By utilizing Logicbroker’s SaaS platform, the JackRabbit + Olympia team was able to free up their tech resources and allocate them to other projects. They trusted the people and platform of Logicbroker to validate the trading partner connections and document validity without needing to hire more resources. This ensures the team can remain efficient and lean while continuing to grow sales. JackRabbit was pleased with the fast turnaround, efficiency, and immediate, tangible results.

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