JackRabbit partnered with Logicbroker to quickly expand product assortment via drop ship automation.

“We have learned that highly organized companies are the way to go when choosing a technology partner! Logicbroker’s organization and support is unbeatable. We are very happy with their superior platform and partnership. ”

Brittany Hoss


JackRabbit is an omni-channel retailer that specializes in running footwear, apparel and accessories. Currently, JackRabbit is on a growth trajectory and building out a ‘portfolio of active brands.’ This portfolio is composed of JackRabbit (Stores + Digital) focused on Running, Clever Training (pure play digital) focused on Cycling/Tech and Surf Outfitter (pure play digital) focused on Surf Gear.

To enable expanded assortment, Jack Rabbit was looking to implement a drop ship program. EDI is the standard communication preference for order transmission, and the team wanted to ensure procurement information was seamlessly exchanged between their web store and drop ship suppliers. The JackRabbit team selected a partner to facilitate drop ship automation, though the provider was slow to integrate new brands. It was clear they needed a partner that could drive the setup of EDI and work with varied brands and their unique needs.


JackRabbit partnered with Logicbroker, as out of the box they offered flexible integration options that would facilitate their integration with numerous brands. Traditional EDI, API, web portal, JSON, CSV, XML were among the most popular integration options available to the drop ship brands.

JackRabbit appreciated the high level of organization the Logicbroker team offered, especially with the implementation of project management software, Asana. The JackRabbit team also liked that there could be specific build-outs for brand requests and that there was a level of experience with most of the systems they are using.

JackRabbit leverages the Logicbroker platform to send purchase order transmissions, receive acknowledgments and invoices, as well as for drop ship order transmissions and invoicing. The platform is easy and efficient for the JackRabbit team to use, and Logicbroker’s support team is quick and helpful.

To date, a majority of JackRabbit’s brands have been migrated, and are sending the bulk of their orders via EDI.


With the power of Logicbroker’s platform and team, JackRabbit has successfully enabled drop ship, resulting in additional sales. The JackRabbit team has been able to lean on Logicbroker whenever technical issues have come up. It has made EDI setup very manageable and order transmission much more accurate.

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