Sears upgraded to Logicbroker's modern solution to provide a better drop ship experience to their vendors.

"Utilizing Logicbroker allows us to offer our vendors a cost effective, technologically flexible approach to the drop ship business, addressing key issues for both SHC and our vendor community. Their experience in this space and dedication of the account team is allowing for a rapid migration with negligible business impact during the transition.”

Beth Ligenza, Sr. Director, Online Operations at Sears


Sears Holding Corporation (SHC), the parent company to Sears, Kmart and the Shop Your Way Loyalty Program, is a leading integrated retailer focused on seamlessly connecting the digital and physical shopping experiences to serve their members – wherever, whenever and however they want to shop.

Over the past several years, SHC has undergone massive transformation and was looking for new ways to engage with their members and customers. Specific challenges included the high cost of doing business for drop ship vendors and themselves, the lack of integration flexibility, and the team at Sears realized they needed to look for something that was more flexible and adaptable.

During this review, Sears carefully evaluated the lengthy onboarding time their legacy provider was taking to onboard new vendors, how Sears would be measuring vendor performance management, and how to optimize the vendor base, allowing them to work with Sears in a simple manner to bring on more assortment and do a better job of offering a wider range of products to their customers.


Logicbroker is helping to guide SHC through this transition. It has been at least 15 years since the Sears team has made any changes to their drop ship business model. Logicbroker’s ability to apply learnings from other integrations provides Sears with recommendations based on the changes in industry technology that have been key in their ability to make this a simple transition.

For Sears, one of the biggest benefits from the Logicbroker partnership, and what will help drive business, is the no-cost model to their vendors. Vendors do not need to have a separate contract or pay fees directly to Logicbroker, as all transactions are done through Sears. Logicbroker facilitates the connections and provides ongoing support for vendors.

The Logicbroker team has helped existing Sears and Kmart vendors migrate off of the legacy drop ship platform and maps them to a variety of communication standards including XML, EDI, and API based connections. In addition, Logicbroker will facilitate onboarding all new vendors that elect to do business with Sears and/or Kmart.


In working together,  Logicbroker, Sears, Kmart and their vendors were able to migrate off of Sear’s legacy EDI platform and embrace new technology. Vendors enjoy the no-cost model Loicbroker offers them as well as the flexible integration options. Due to fantastic support, both from the SHC and Logicbroker teams, all vendors were quickly migrated and up and running within a few months. This efficiency was unparalleled to the legacy provider, and much less complex than SHC having to build a new solution in house. By leveraging Logicbroker’s prebuilt connections, a seemingly painful process was made much less complex and a successful EDI migration happened in a mere 60 days.

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