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(del)Hutson Designs

“The Shipstation + Logicbroker integration was smooth and everything worked. Once integrated, all we had to do was click the order, print the label, and we ship it. Everything else was done in the background for us.”

John Burks, Chief Operating Officer at (del)Hutson Designs


Delivering from their hands to yours

(del)Hutson Designs was born out of a garage in the Dallas suburbs. They offer handmade, rustic home decor and value the imperfections of unique craftsmanship. When it comes to shipping, they want to deliver the best for their customers. They rely on ShipStation to create shipping labels for online orders. Together with Logicbroker, they can import EDI orders to process all in one place.


Before (del)Hutson found a robust shipping software solution, they were doing a lot of manual work. Using a single-carrier software, they imported batches of orders with spreadsheets. After creating shipping labels, they would export a spreadsheet with tracking data. Then, they would upload that CSV file into several eCommerce platforms, all by hand. To help their warehouse team pick products faster, each label displayed the SKU and item name. The team used their shorthand terminology for products to make it easier to identify. Unfortunately, they would have to enter the custom names with every new batch of orders.

When they started taking EDI orders, it changed the whole process. Unlike the batches before, each EDI order would print one at a time. They weren’t able to print order information directly onto the label. If they wanted it on the label, they would handwrite the item SKU, name, and shipping due date on the label. Adding an extra manual step slowed things way down. Processing in batches made it impossible to keep track of what product went to which order. “As a drop-shipper it was a logistical nightmare,” John says.

The ability to streamline order processing to save time and hassle became a top priority. They discovered ShipStation in 2016, which transformed the way they fulfilled online orders. “It truly was a turning point for our company and propelled us into the successful business we are today. I couldn’t imagine printing the labels like we used to!” With ShipStation, they can print shipping labels for all their online orders. Carrier and service configurations apply as orders import; ready to process. Once they create labels, ShipStation sends tracking numbers to the respective eCommerce platforms. The team wanted to streamline their EDI orders as well. John thought, “If only we could import these in Shipstation.”


Logicbroker and (del)Hutson were able to team up and make their humble dreams come true. John contacted Logicbroker and immediately knew he found a great fit. The team at Logicbroker got (del)Hutson up to speed.

First, Logicbroker automated their acknowledgments and invoices, making for an even faster experience. When Logicbroker connected to ShipStation, all the pieces fell into place. John says “Once integrated, all we had to do was click the order, print the label, and ship it. EVERYTHING else was done in the background for us.”

John says they immediately saved time with EDI orders. They saw huge improvements in importing, processing, picking, and packing orders. The team can now import EDI orders through Logicbroker to a custom store in ShipStation. All the order information passes through to ShipStation , which then creates product records. If they need to rename a product, they only have to do it the first time. That product information then gets printed onto the label. No longer do they need to lookup SKUs and handwrite each item on every single shipping label.


When they first started with EDI, they designated one person for shipping. It took them anywhere from four to six hours just to process Wayfair orders. Now with ShipStation + Logicbroker, the team of one can get those orders out the door in under an hour.

Time saved on EDI orders has allowed the team to focus on growth and opportunities for the company. The single EDI fulfiller can now analyze spreadsheets, graphs, and trends on SKUs. What might take two full-time employees 4-6 hours to process only takes one person an hour a day. With automation, they can continue to maintain a small team at (del)Hutson Designs. The integration streamlines their process to scale with increasing order volume.

Fulfilling EDI orders in ShipStation created tremendous revenue for (del)Hutson team. Maintaining all the orders in one place has improved their operations as they grow at a rapid rate. ShipStation + Logicbroker has delivered automation where they needed it most. Eliminating manual tasks helps them deliver quality product to their customers fast.

This holiday season, John says “we are expecting to blow away any previous sales quarters.” With ShipStation and Logicbroker, (del)Hutson Designs is able to scale. They don’t have to worry about their ability to handle large volume in-house. John says “Thanks to ShipStation + Logicbroker, we can keep on pushing sales!”




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