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“Finding a partner that could not only meet our tight project deadline but be flexible to handle ongoing integrations was of utmost importance. Logicbroker was able to complete all integrations on time and provides excellent support beyond their platform and technology.” – Chad Cornstubble, Vice President, Fossil eCommerce

Fossil Group is a leading manufacturer of accessories and holds licenses to produce watches for numerous, well-loved fashion brands. Founded in 1984, Fossil has shown steady growth, employing over 13,000 employees, 400 retail locations and 4,000 wholesale locations.

Upon the acquisition of Misfit, Fossil decided to make the strategic move to ship from their own warehouse rather than relying on a 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL). While this shift would provide significant cost savings, there was a tight timeline to adhere to, as physical inventory needed to be moved quickly to keep fulfilling the thousands of online orders received daily. Beyond the challenge of transitioning inventory, a robust technology integration was necessary without allocating months developing and testing. Fossil needed a seamless fulfillment solution that would be up and running in three weeks to ensure no sales were lost and orders would be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Rather than allocate resources to build expensive and time consuming custom integrations, Fossil decided to leverage Logicbroker’s modern, cloud-based supply chain data integration hub to ensure all procurement information and communication was automated. Using their native Magento commerce integration and their EDI Hub, Logicbroker was able to integrate multiple Fossil brands, such as Misfit and Skagen storefronts with their backend SAP system. Native EDI integrations allow inventory updates to sync automatically and necessary documents to be sent and received electronically and accurately. A web portal provides complete visibility to the order lifecycle.

Logicbroker completed the solution in the three-week time frame within only configuration and zero programming, all while staying on-budget and alleviating pressure on the internal Fossil team. Shipment and tracking information is updated automatically, while returns and cancelled orders are easily processed. Fossil is able to proactively monitor reports and stay on top of outdated inventory and aging orders with Logicbroker’s world-class suite of tools. Both parties were able to focus on what they do best; Fossil on delivering wonderful customer experiences and growing their brand and Logicbroker on flawlessly delivering their flexible platform and performing integrations quickly and correctly.