Complete Carrier Control

Convey automates freight decisions, enhances customer experience and provide significant improvement in process efficiency. Paired with Logicbroker, retailers sending orders to their suppliers can control what carriers are used for the supplier's fulfillment.

With the Logicbroker-Convey connector, retailers can control what carriers are used for their drop ship supplier’s fulfillment. Once submitted through Logicbroker, the shipment will get created in Convey and a quote for best carrier will be used to choose who will be picking up the shipment. At the same time a request for the carrier to pick up the shipment will be transmitted. Once the request for pickup has been successful, the shipment will be updated with all confirmation details. Our blog covers more on last mile delivery with Convey.

Learn how BBQ Guys leverages Logicbroker and Convey to optimize shipping choices and streamline fulfillment.

logicbroker and convey graphic
logicbroker convey flow diagram

The Convey-Logicbroker solution enables retailers to:

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