Integrate modern RESTful APIs to bypass the world of legacy supply chain data.

We give you all of the endpoints, code snippets, and test cases you need. One connection to rule them all.

Commerce API

The Logicbroker Commerce API enables you to communicate through the entire order lifecycle with any partner using one connection endpoint. Eliminate the complexity of managing multiple EDI channels with a single, unified format. We offer webhook support for real-time integration.

product feed in Logicbroker portal on computer
reports page in Logicbroker platform

Brands and Retailers

If you are a brand or retailer processing orders through Logicbroker, the platform supports bi-directional communication for orders in any format. The Logicbroker Commerce API allows for seamless integration without you having to worry about custom formats or different connection points: one format, one endpoint, limitless partners.

Business Rule and Validation Engine

Take advantage of our business rule and data validation interface to build powerful integrations to process highly cleansed data. Proactive notifications are built right into the interface. From start to scale, Logicbroker has the tools needed to effectively manage your channels.

Logicbroker order page on computer monitor

Developers love the Logicbroker API because it offers:


One and done. Perform a one-time integration with Logicbroker to unlock limitless possibilities. Free up your time to do more of what you love, whether it be building new apps or creating product enhancements. Let us handle the rest.

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