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Logicbroker + Microsoft Azure Partnership

Tap into the power of Logicbroker’s B2B and D2C eCommerce fulfillment platform through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure customers can now earn dollar-for-dollar relief on their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment by partnering with Logicbroker, the only Microsoft partner that provides enterprise drop ship and marketplace solutions at scale.

Current Azure customers will benefit from:

A one-team approach

Logicbroker and Microsoft work together to ensure the technology powering your business helps you scale seamlessly with spikes in demand all while securing your data on the most advanced cloud server on the market.

100% MACC relief

Saving money has never been this easy. Microsoft Azure customers with a Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) can now earn 100% MACC relief by utilizing the Logicbroker eCommerce platform.

One connection point

Logicbroker is sold directly through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and guarantees there will be no tedious connection pain points for your eCommerce program.

Our partner network

The benefits don’t stop at our organizations. Discover the true meaning of partnership with thousands of in-network vendors, retailers, brands, and more through the Microsoft partner network.

Microsoft Azure

Utilizing Microsoft Azure

With over 200 physical data storage centers, Microsoft Azure remains the most secure, trusted, and efficient cloud storage provider on the market. With dozens of storage centers for each region, Azure customers are safe knowing that their data is accessible at the click of a button rather than at the speed it takes to travel across the country.

Learn more about what makes Azure unique:

Discover Microsoft Azure

Discover the power of Logicbroker

To get the most out of drop ship and marketplace selling, you need a tech partner that won’t hold you back. See why retailers and brands around the world are choosing Logicbroker to help them capture more revenue, reach and delight new customers, and continuously innovate.

Launch or scale a D2C/B2B drop ship program

With Logicbroker, you can quickly add new drop ship vendors to expand your product assortment and adapt to changing consumer demands on your retail eCommerce site. Integrate seamlessly no matter what system connections you or your vendors use (API, EDI, XML, etc.) and automate the entire fulfillment process while maintaining full visibility.

Drop Ship
With Logicbroker, you can quickly add new drop ship vendors to expand your product assortment

Create your own curated D2C or B2B marketplace

With a curated network of marketplace sellers, you can offer your customers (whether businesses or end consumers) more of the products they love. Sellers get the speed, flexibility, and ease of use they crave, and you can respond quickly to trends and shifts in consumer demand.

With Logicbroker, you can create your own curated marketplace

Expand with B2B Supply Chain Visibility

As consumer demands continue to evolve due to supply chain disruption challenges, retailers need to secure inventory and see exactly what is happening throughout the entire order lifecycle. With Logicbroker’s B2B Supply Chain Visibility, retailers can return to the predictable.

B2B Supply Chain Visibility
supply chain visibility

Count on solid, consistent, and measurable results

Increase in AOV
for top 10 LB customers
even during peak demand periods
in drop ship sales
in orders and GMV
to onboard vendors

The power of Microsoft and Logicbroker is one click away.

Discover more about how Logicbroker’s B2B and D2C Drop Ship, Marketplace, and Supply Chain Visibility offerings have revolutionized the market.

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