Cloud-Based Logicbroker Launches New Curated Marketplace Solution

Press Release

SHELTON, CT | September 9, 2021

The new product will enable eCommerce retailers + brands to strategically launch and manage their own curated marketplace.

Logicbroker, the cloud-based drop ship, unified marketplace and fulfillment distribution eCommerce platform, is proud to announce the release of curated marketplace solutions for eCommerce retailers and brands. Curated marketplaces are a growing eCommerce solution that allows brands to create their own online marketplace and expanded product assortment. This enables brands to respond quickly to trends and shifts in consumer demand with a curated endless aisle of inventory.

In addition to drop ship and EDI, Logicbroker users can seamlessly enable expanded assortment and grow with new suppliers and product verticals powered by Logicbroker’s scalable eCommerce cloud platform.

“In working with our customers, there was a clear need to deliver marketplace functionality,” stated Chip Sockwell, Vice President of Product at Logicbroker. “We have always sought to deliver the best user experience for retailers, brands, and suppliers alike. Adding the ability to support marketplace models means retailers can expand their supplier assortment by offering alternative connectivity and payment options.”

In addition to Logicbroker’s best-in-class software as a service (SaaS) platform, customers work with an in-house team of merchandising experts to develop a strategy tailored to their target audience. By leveraging a cohesive merchandising strategy, users can make informed decisions around identifying the right supplier and brand partners, establishing connections, and determining the appropriate assortment to bring in.

To stay competitive in today’s digital retail landscape, retailers and brands are evaluating the benefits of creating their own direct-to-consumer marketplace in addition to selling on existing channels. Logicbroker technology supports both solutions and enables users to be up and running quickly. Marketplace integrations offer additional flexibility in the supplier pool through an attractive payment plan and more brand control.

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