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By Logicbroker | October 19, 2022

Beginning her career at Logicbroker over 9 years ago, Blair Hall, Vice President of Client Experience, is responsible for overseeing the CX Operations and Onboarding teams, as well as the newly formed Client Success team at Logicbroker 

In this executive spotlight, Logicbroker sat down with Blair to discuss how Logicbroker’s newly formed Client Success team is taking shape behind the scenes and how the CSM team came together.  

What were the initial conversations surrounding a Client Success team like behind the scenes, and how did those conversations evolve? 

At the tail end of 2021, Logicbroker was acquired by K1 Investment Management. K1 is really invested in client success and when we began conversations about ways to grow the company in 2022, we realized that while our Client Delivery Analysts were supporting our customers, we weren’t helping them grow.  

We wanted to get in front of the customers and be proactive. Logicbroker needed a Client Success Manager for each of our enterprise customers to ensure not only we retain those customers but also help them strategically grow with new product offerings or new tools our product team developed.  

Having been around Logicbroker so long, I knew that our customers were itching to grow within our system, rather than go find another eCommerce platform. Our Client Success team was designed to help them realize all that they can do within the Logicbroker ecosystem, which is often way more than the customers initially sign up for. 

What have been the initial challenges getting CSM up and running, and how has that impacted the team?  

Client Success started back in January 2022 at Logicbroker. I came on as CSM lead in February and our last CS Manager started in July. We knew there would be some ramp-up time before the team was fully formed but fostering new relationships was always going to be a challenge.  

When our CSMs took over, those of us with established client relationships had to help facilitate a change for both Logicbroker and our customers. Our CSMs couldn’t be solely an avenue for customers to bring technical requests, they needed to gain the trust of our customers and help them with long-term strategic growth plans. It was certainly an overwhelming few months for our new hires as they got past reacting and started being proactive.  

One major pain point, which is unavoidable, is that our new CSMs were tasked with learning about Logicbroker while building new relationships with our customers. They were learning everything they needed to know about 5-10 companies including names, goals, problems, and solutions, all while learning the same information about Logicbroker.  

Based on those challenges, what advice would you give organizations starting up their own Client Success department?  

Starting something from scratch takes time, and there will be growing pains, but documentation is a lifesaver. Make sure you document each new process, each success you find navigating the challenges, and each new way a team member learns to help your clients. As documentation gets better, new resources can quickly come up to speed.  

At Logicbroker, our new hires are onboarded as fast as new vendors are onboarded for our retailers. Logicbroker has a learning base, efficient documentation systems, and an entire knowledgebase of information about all of our customers and their needs to pull from.  

How do you facilitate new relationships with clients?  

It’s very difficult to introduce someone new and have the client trust them right away. When I transitioned to the CSM team, I had many years of trust already established with our clients but the new CSM reps obviously didn’t have that history. Over time our customers understood that if they could trust me, they could trust the people I hired to manage their accounts and help them grow.  

The key to CSM’s growth wasn’t me though. Our CSM reps knew how intimidating it must’ve been for the customers to have a new face in front of them and develop their long-term relationships almost from scratch. Our CSM reps put in the work to learn about their children, spouses, families, hobbies, and even pets not just to establish a working relationship, but because they care. We wouldn’t hire anyone that didn’t care about the customers they work with, and our entire team has shown a passion for connecting with the people that make Logicbroker special. 

After one full year, what are the goals and expectations for the CSM team in 2023?  

The end of this year and the beginning of next year is all about retention and growth. We want to keep the customers we have while helping them grow with new solutions, products, suppliers, brands, anything. There are so many opportunities with each of our customers, but we have to help educate them on what Logicbroker can do outside what we are already doing for them.  

Our CSMs will often bring in members of the product team to their meetings to help showcase ways we can help or even help them through any challenges they are having with our platform. It’s all about what the customers need.  

Perhaps even more importantly, CSM is working hard to share our customer’s successes with the world. Through joint blogs, success stories, quotes, and more, Logicbroker is working hard to share how each of our clients is pushing the eCommerce boundaries even through hard economic times.  

Final question for you Blair, what is something that is misunderstood about the CSM team? 

Our CSM reps are insanely hard workers, and I’m not too sure everyone can see the work they put in behind the scenes. They are making PowerPoints, analyzing reports, pulling stats, and taking deep dives into each of their customers. We work around the clock to make sure our customer’s supplier flow, distribution, and even social media presence are showcasing how great they are.  

I am very excited to see how our team grows in 2023, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work our CSM reps have put in to quickly gain the trust of our customers and explore new ways to help them smash through eCommerce barriers.  

About Blair Hall 

As Logicbroker’s living knowledge base and a leader of three key teams, Blair Hall was one of the original employees at the company. She began her Logicbroker career 9 years ago and has helped in a variety of roles before becoming Logicbroker’s Vice President of Client Experience. Blair is responsible for overseeing the CX Operations and Onboarding teams, as well as the newly formed Client Success team at Logicbroker. Blair is Logicbroker’s shining star for new and prospective customers. She credits her time as a student-athlete for instilling a deep-rooted mindset of team collaboration and dedication in all aspects of her work.   

Blair holds a Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. When she isn’t meeting with new customers, Blair loves spending time with her husband of 13 years and her two daughters. Assuming she isn’t taking calls from their family RV, Blair will most likely be exploring new places or coaching her daughters in softball.  

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