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SkuVault is the warehouse and inventory management system that empowers small and medium enterprises to optimize operations so they can scale and compete in the growing eCommerce and omni-channel markets at a fraction of the cost. We provide a hands-on customer service experience, meaningful, actionable data, and automated processes that reduce waste and supply chain inefficiencies – this saves our clients money and has a positive impact on the environment. SkuVault makes it easy for clients to connect their warehouses to the world while increasing fulfillment speed, accuracy, and profit.

By leveraging the Logicbroker EDI platform with a direct API integration with SkuVault, you’ll be able to onboard EDI retailers quickly without the need for IT resources. Our unrivaled automation technology ensures retailer EDI compliance with no cost per-order or transactional fees. Our comprehensive pricing model helps maintain your margins while having a predictable cost each month.

 Together, SkuVault + Logicbroker will empower your brand for success.

Key Features
  • Hyper Picking: a digital form of picking that utilizes a Bins location system and saved filters from your Wave Picking session to create the most efficient pick route possible
  • Pick, Pack, Ship: automated workflows and optimized pick routes allow for faster picking and accurate shipments that can reduce mis-shipments
  • Reporting: our robust reporting options provide better inventory forecasting so you can make more accurate purchase decisions
  • Real-time Data Syncs: products listed across your marketplace listings are updated across the board in real-time to reflect updated inventory quantities and reduce potential out of stocks

Empower your brand for success with a SkuVault + Logicbroker Integration