Empower Your Brand for Success With a SkuVault + Logicbroker Integration

By leveraging the Logicbroker EDI platform with a direct API integration with SkuVault, you’ll be able to onboard EDI retailers quickly without the need for IT resources. Our unrivaled automation technology ensures retailer EDI compliance with no cost per-order or transactional fees. Our comprehensive pricing model helps maintain your margins while having a predictable cost each month.

SkuVault is an inventory and warehouse management software platform for multi- channel B2B and B2C sellers with a focus in eCommerce. SkuVault helps retailers streamline their growing business with in-depth reporting, simple inventory workflows, and multi-channel quantity syncs designed to ensure overall inventory visibility. SkuVault makes it easy for clients to connect their warehouses to the world while increasing fulfillment speed and accuracy. Never oversell or cancel an order again.

Key Features

WAVE PICKING: Allow pickers to change routes in real-time based on quantity changes in locations with Wave Picking. Wave Picking is a digital form of picking that leads workers around the warehouse in the most efficient way possible, greatly reducing the risk of human error.

BARCODING: Eliminate the handheld scanner with custom labels and optimize inventory accuracy all-in- one with Barcoding.

REPORTING: Make better purchase decisions with a suite of in-depth reporting options designed to give you data into all inventory activity.

QUANTITY SYNCS: Manage inventory quantities across channels to reduce the risk of incorrect quantity listings and potential out-of-stocks.

skuvault interface

Empower your brand for success with a SkuVault + Logicbroker Integration.

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