Tap infinite opportunities for online sales with Logicbroker.

As a global brand, managing your vast fulfillment network is key to success. Logicbroker’s enterprise drop ship solution delivers fast time to revenue, increased sales, and automated simplicity- whether you're operating as a retailer, a supplier, or both.


Deliver to customers where and when they want to buy.

Today’s eCommerce ecosystem is complex. You need the power to quickly get your products onto multiple retail channels. At the same time, you might need to manage sellers on your own marketplace or retail store. To deliver seamless ordering and fulfillment for your customers, you need control and visibility across your entire fulfillment network.


Connect with simplicity.

Ditch the complexity of juggling multiple systems. With Logicbroker, you can transact seamlessly between all your channels: drop ship retailers and suppliers, marketplaces, 3PLs, warehouses and more. Logicbroker unites your drop ship partners in one place, eliminating manual touchpoints and automating tasks for next-level efficiency and fewer errors. Automate, simplify, and scale with Logicbroker.

Run your own brand eCommerce store or sell your products on a vast network of retailers and marketplaces- all through Logicbroker.

D2C PLAYBOOK: a comprehensive guide to selling direct to consumer.

In this eBook, we seek to provide best practices for brands selling online, including growing their retail networks, expanding their online business, and excelling in vendor performance.


A best-in-class global platform to automate your connections.

Get X-ray vision into your supply chain with real-time monitoring and tracking in an intuitive interface. The Logicbroker platform is solid, scalable, and future-proof—your true one-stop-shop for your fulfillment operations.

Manage the complexity of multiple channels, reduce operational headaches and automate your connections with ease and flexibility while delivering the optimal eCommerce experience for your customers.


Seamless order lifecycle management

Logicbroker takes your orders from start to finish, including:


Integrate with all your suppliers, trading partners and tech integrations, with the connection method that best fits your channel requirements.





Business Rules Engine: Whether you have dozens or hundreds of trading partners, all data and transactional information flows seamlessly. Logicbroker automatically validates and alerts you and your trading partners about errors on either side, so they can be addressed quickly.

Order Level Messaging: Communicate closely with your trading partners to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient troubleshooting.  Logicbroker provides quick and easy multi-directional communication within the portal. 

Visibility, Compliance & Security

Scorecards: With Supplier Scorecards, you have visibility into how your suppliers are performing- and your suppliers are able to see their scores, too.

Reporting: With two types of detailed reporting in the Logicbroker portal, you can monitor document status, inventory and GMV, as well as access full business intelligence tools.

Security & Compliance: In order to run an eCommerce program efficiently, you need airtight security and compliance. All data in Logicbroker is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and we are both GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Learn more about Logicbroker's solutions for Retailers:


Complete Order Lifecycle

Manage and execute your full order lifecycle with Logicbroker, including:


Our API-led platform can connect you with the integration type that best fits your needs and the requirements of your retail or marketplace channels.





Inventory Feeds: Maintain multiple inventory feeds with your trading partners. Update trading partners on stock levels in real-time, eliminating the chances of selling out-of-stock items and cancelled orders. 

Product Catalog: Feed one catalog to Logicbroker and we apply validation and cleansing logic to enrich the feed prior to publishing to marketplaces or retailers, ensuring that your products are ready and available for sale in the channels you choose.


Retailer Standards: Process transactions with document standards and validation rules built in for each trading partner, making sure your team maintains compliance. Logicbroker makes it easy to identify and proactively address problems before they become issues for your retailers and end customers, helping you significantly reduce returns and cancellations.

Order Level Messaging: Communicate closely with your trading partners to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient troubleshooting.  Logicbroker provides quick and easy multi-directional communication within the portal. 

Dig deeper into our solutions for Suppliers:


Connect without limits.

Offer your products in more places than ever before and grow your online store with a curated, endless aisle of inventory. Logicbroker’s extensive and reliable network of retailers, marketplaces, technology partners, and suppliers ensures you’ll always have opportunities to grow.

Unlock 100+ Retailer and Marketplace Connections.

Choose from hundreds of pre-built integrations with the world’s top retailers and marketplaces and get your products in front of more shoppers, fast.

Merchandising as a Service (MaaS)

Get expert guidance and support to expand your network with our dedicated Merchandising team. We can help connect you to the retailers and marketplaces you need and bring in expanded retail inventory from other brands and suppliers.

Leverage native system connections to the platforms that make your company tick.


We're laser-focused on your success.

Don’t go at it alone. Our solution engineers and client experience teams are on call to get you up and running quickly and eliminate complexity for a seamless onboarding experience. With a dedicated team to help keep everything on track, you‘ll capture more sales and realize a faster time to value – and your IT team will thank you!

Learning Resources

Public Knowledge base/help center: You and your trading partners have full access to our detailed help guides and documentation in our public Knowledge Base.

Learn Logicbroker:   Our proprietary LXP (Learning Experience Platform) is provided at no extra cost to all users. Learn Logicbroker features helpful lessons and quizzes to make sure your entire team is up to speed on how to use our platform.

Don't just take our word for it.

Join a robust community of eCommerce experts upgrading their technology with Logicbroker. The numbers speak for themselves.




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