The Customer Journey Starts With Supply Chain Visibility

By Jager Robinson | September 14, 2022

The average customer is more aware than ever of supply chain disruptions. After dramatic slowdowns, stoppages, or newsworthy events during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers still expect to shop without worry of whether the product they are looking for is in stock and available to ship. If you’re a retailer or distributor, the responsibility falls on you to make the customer journey successful. Exceed all expectations by taking a deep dive into B2B Supply Chain Visibility.

The Next Step in eCommerce

Enhanced supply chain visibility is the next major step organizations must take to succeed in the ever-evolving eCommerce industry. While drop ship and marketplace solutions can provide expanded inventory selections and deliver on demand vendor onboarding at unparalleled speeds, retailers must be able to ensure a steady and secure flow of supply or customers will turn to others that can.

B2B Supply Chain Visibility offers order tracking and insights into inventory availability, back orders, shipments, estimated ship dates, and vendor performance that let you know which pallets are going where, always. This advanced insight into how products move to your distribution centers has helped organizations like Babylist secure their inventory indefinitely.

The Real World

Babylist, a baby registry experience that focuses on customer satisfaction, pulls thousands of products from hundreds of vendors to build comprehensive registries for consumers looking to stock up on essentials during their pregnancy. One of the largest challenges the team faced when building the website was the nature of pregnancy—customers needed secured inventory for the duration of the pregnancy for baby showers, nurseries, planning, and more.

Babylist relies heavily on a drop shipping model. While an effective solution for building an endless aisle and staying flexible, drop shipping could not guarantee that soon-to-be parents, or those buying gifts for the parents, would have a crib, diapers, or toys, when they would need it.

B2B supply chain visibility ensures that organizations like Babylist gain much needed insight into every distribution channel. Now, Babylist supplements their successful drop ship program with a network of 3PLs to store high-demand/long lead time items, pool those products into distribution centers, and ensure product availability when parents need them most.

A Comprehensive Solution

B2B Supply Chain Visibility isn’t a pipe dream, it’s a real-world solution. Logicbroker’s B2B Supply Chain Visibility has helped customers like Babylist, HD Supply, BBQGuys, and more have visibility across the entire order lifecycle for wholesale orders shipped by a supplier directly to a distribution center, store location, and/or 3PL. However, visibility isn’t all organizations receive.

Efficiency is at the heart of every solution and Logicbroker’s B2B Supply Chain Visibility solution was built upon eliminating redundancies. We allow suppliers of all sizes and technical sophistication to generate GS1 labels to automate the receiving process. Simply scan the barcode to route the items more efficiently in and through the distribution center, quickly adding items into inventory.

Logicbroker’s latest core offering focuses on automation, efficiency, visibility, and transparency. Like all of our solutions, B2B Supply Chain Visibility isn’t utilized in a vacuum. Dozens of retailers are utilizing our new offering in conjunction with drop ship and marketplace solutions to build a one-of-a-kind eCommerce solutions that keeps customers shopping. The Logicbroker portal, built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, is the only eCommerce portal flexible enough to provide retailers with not only drop ship and marketplace solutions but also wholesale ordering visibility all in one scalable platform.

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