March is Women’s History Month – let’s come together and celebrate the women who have and still are making history and breaking through the glass ceiling in a variety of fields. 

Today at Logicbroker, 44% of the employees and 54% of the senior leadership team are women. Watch out because the ladies of Logicbroker are here to lead, inspire, and disrupt the tech world. Our team is shining a light on the leading ladies of Logicbroker and their stories of how they broke into the industry and why they chose Logicbroker.  

Meet our Leading Ladies of Logicbroker: 

Niki Antonelli (Sr. Director, Partnership Strategy “Persistence, dedication, and data driven results has led me to the wonderful world of technology and part of Logicbroker’s leadership team. Logicbroker’s is not only a leader in technology with its state of the art product, but also with their company culture. To work for such a supportive team inspires me every day to be the best leader I can be. I truly have a second family within Logicbroker.” 

Mary Burazin (Director, Development Operation)  “I attribute my success in technology to my dad. He is a math teacher and also ran the school computer lab.  We always had different computers at home that we would work on together.  He also encouraged me to take as many programming and math classes as I could.  Because of that encouragement from him, I never even considered that this wasn’t something women did.  I was also very fortunate to have several mentors to help me navigate the industry throughout my career.  

As a leader at Logicbroker, I have the opportunity to work with the latest technology in the exciting industry of eCommerce.  Even better than that, I get to mentor the next generation of technology leaders.” 

Emma Cope (V.P. Commerce Revenue)  “I worked part time at my college’s Help Desk and even back then, was drawn to helping people solve their technology problems. That passion continues today with a curious and entrepreneurial outlook to improve and financially grow the digital retail landscape with cutting edge tools. I chose Logicbroker because of it’s modern, future-proof approach to data integration and of course, for the amazing people that make it happen every day. “ 

Blair Hall (Sr. Director, Client Experience)  “I actually chose Logicbroker not because it was a tech company but because the role that I would be working in involved working with the customers of Logicbroker and making sure they were being taken care of. I had worked at companies where I was the customer and realized that I would much rather be on the other side helping the customer and Logicbroker provided me with that opportunity. But without a doubt, what has kept me at Logicbroker the past seven years are the people and the culture that we have established. Logicbroker has given me the opportunity to grow within the company, while at the same time knowing that family comes first and respecting the fact that I can do both and still be successful!” 

Becca McCarthy (Director, Marketing)  “I started with Logicbroker shortly after I graduated college as a sales account executive and have grown my career from there. The company culture here is one that encourages education and professional development, allowing me to complete courses and training that have helped me evolve as a marketing professional. Each day greets me with new opportunities, and I look forward to continuing to embrace all that is given to me. 

On a personal note, I am proud to work for a company that empowers and supports working moms. Women, too often, are forced to make sacrifices, and I am eternally grateful to be able to embrace the ‘GSD mentality’ of Logicbroker and simultaneously be a present mother to my child. I never have to compromise the passion I have for my career, digital commerce, and motherhood. What we have here at Logicbroker is mutual respect, a drive for innovation, a dedication to our platform and customers & because of this, we are truly a family!” 

Annie Sullivan (Director, Business Development) – “I broke into tech sales by acquiring a marketing/sales hybrid role in my hometown, Rochester, NY, which gave me the experience I needed to be hired into a fully sales-focused role at a rising tech company in Boston. Connections I made and maintained from that first job in 2014 in Boston led me to Logicbroker today. I love Logicbroker because of the overall attitude of its leadership. Incredibly driven, fun, fair, and respectful leaders make it a really fantastic place to work.” 

Wendy Wise (V.P. of Marketing) – “My career has morphed from helping micro-entrepreneurs in Latin America to helping innovative global SaaS companies put all the pieces in place to accelerate growth.  When I first worked with a software/SaaS company I loved the constant innovation, the mesh between product, marketing and sales and the fast virtuous cycle that can be created by a deep understanding of the core customer challenges and solving those creatively with technology + people.   

Over the past 10 years I have worked with colleagues at many SaaS companies to help accelerate growth.  Now, I get to apply those learnings here at Logicbroker.  I joined Logicbroker because it has the key ingredients for a game-changing SaaS company and because I felt that I could make a difference.  Logicbroker has: an elegant solution laser focused on enabling Brands and Retailers to profitably grow their business in the evolving eCommerce fulfillment ecosystem; tech + people that deliver significant and measurable ROI to our awesome customers, and the amazing people at Logicbroker – who bring 100% of themselves – their passion, personalities, and positive energy to the field every day.  Dream job.”

Let us not forget all the other ladies of Logicbroker who significantly contribute to our operations and success at the company. A huge shoutout to Denise Iannucci (Sr. Manager, Retailer Onboarding), Andrea Hayward (Client Delivery Manager), Victoria Upchurch (Client Delivery Manager), Dea Ballij (Sr. Client Experience Specialist), Laura Molano (Client Experience Specialist), Heather Sinisgalli (Product Manager), Deonie Donaldson (Accountant), Amani Ward (Platform Account Executive), Nina Drozdenko (Creative Designer), Isabella Montenegro (Digital Marketing Coordinator), and a standing ovation to Ashley Sanders (Sr. Software Developer) and Siena Biales (Sr. Software Developer).  

Gender equity is here to stay. Hiring, retaining, and promoting women is an essential part of a company’s culture to succeed. So, to all the ladies, not only do you deserve a spotlight this month but every day.  


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