Why Analytics Matter

By Logicbroker | May 23, 2019

Why Analytics Matter - Logicbroker

Out of the box, all Logicbroker customers have access to report visuals. These provide a view of both company and partner performance. By default, there are three dashboard views that can be used as-is or as template to edit and customize.

The Logicbroker team has been heavily invested on delivering analytics and reporting to our users, as we collect robust data and believe this data is beneficial for our users to run more efficient businesses. In particular, we’ve selected the top three benefits of leveraging Logicbroker Analytics.

Monitor Partners

Viewing the Partner Dashboard enables users to drill down on specific partners. Alternately, an aggregated Monitor Partners - Why Analytics Matter - Logicbrokerpartner view is available along with the option to filter by date to get a sense of sales and gross profit metrics for partners. Monitoring partner performance is business-critical, as it provides insights to measure who is a top performer and who is adhering to SLAs. Because Logicbroker has the ability to route orders based on scores and in the instance partners have the same inventory and score, the ability to set a manual ranking exists. Partners with better overall metrics outside of the scorecard can then take precedence. To learn more about measuring partner performance, see our article on performance scorecards.

Demand Planning

Forecasting stock is a critical component to successful supply chain planning. Analytics showcase order data so it is easy to track YOY demand and any outlying spikes so that you can weave in a shift in demand and better predict stock increases or decreases. Data analytics can help forecast accuracy and minimize the likelihood of out-of-stock items. It is important to match any outlying increase or decrease in demand with marketing activities, seasonal demand, and publicity to better explain the data as well.

Track Growth

When reviewing default reports, navigate to the overview page to see the performance, view partner Track Growth - Why Analytics Matter - Logicbrokerorder count distribution, learn the best-performing products, and YOY% + MOM% changes. Users can gain a multi-perspective view of a dataset through integration with a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. At Logicbroker, we leverage Microsoft Power BI to expand and enhance reporting capabilities. Beyond tracking partner performance, with enhanced reporting, we can see YOY growth and contrast that with other partners. In addition, users can track GMV, number of orders, etc.

Beyond our out-of-the-box capabilities, Logicbroker customers can elect to upgrade to advanced analytics and have full access to our data set, hosted independently in our reporting server. Advanced analytics enable the creation of custom reports, including bar, line, area, pie, tables, etc., including full business intelligence (BI) reporting for all data on our platform. To add advanced analytics access to your account, please contact us.

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