Logicbroker and Extend Team Up To Protect Your Drop Shipping Business

By Logicbroker | November 28, 2022




As eCommerce ramps up across the globe, it’s important that your drop shipping solution remains protected, secure, and scalable for the future. eCommerce experts Logicbroker and its drop shipping protection partner Extend offer a unique partnership that introduces the most secure eCommerce solution on the market. 

The Ideal Partnership 

Logicbroker’s drop shipping solution is the most advanced solution on the market, allowing you to quickly build an endless aisle of inventory without adding warehousing space. Logicbroker’s nimble platform lets you connect with vendors regardless of their integration type—API, EDI, XML, CSV, FTP, and more. 

With automated on-demand onboarding, vendor performance testing, and a solution that can eliminate up to three FTEs, Logicbroker’s B2B or D2C drop shipping solution delivers a scalable solution on one cohesive platform. 

Extend’s shipping protection offers a hands-off way to make it right with customers when their packages are lost, stolen, or arrive damaged. This means you can automate more of your business while maintaining—and even improving—the customer experience. With shipping protection you can outsource seamless customer support around shipping mishaps. You don’t have to control the claims to deliver a great customer experience. 

Industry-Leading Benefits 

Logicbroker and Extend have partnered to offer a unique experience for customers. Retailers and brands can rest easy knowing that Logicbroker’s powerful cloud-based API and Extend’s unique shipping protections work seamlessly together to provide an eCommerce experience unmatched in the industry.  

1. Give merchants peace of mind

Peace of mind is paramount in the eCommerce industry. Peace of mind for retailer’s suppliers, customers, and brands ensure that their products are received on time and well liked by their audience.  

But giving retailers peace of mind is no easy feat. Logicbroker’s drop shipping solution allows retailers to automate 95% of typical eCommerce pain points.  

According to a Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Logicbroker not only reduced FTE requirements by three on average for its drop shipping customers but also provided a 547% ROI and a 25% increase in total order value within just one year.  

This dramatic improvement in efficiency, onboarding, and cost savings gives retailers the security they need to explore new products, suppliers, and partners for the coming years.  

Utilizing Logicbroker’s solution also provides unique access to Extend’s protection platform. Even though products will be coming from a third-party warehouse usually outside your control, Extend’s shipping protections ensure customers will get a great experience even if something goes wrong.  

The critical moment of brand engagement that happens when customers receive their product is very difficult, if not impossible, for merchants to control. However, saving the customer relationship in the event of a delivery mishap takes time and money. Shipping protection helps to mitigate the many impacts to your business. 

2. Outsource operational overhead 

Logicbroker and Extend have also partnered to offer a comprehensive customer support experience. While Logicbroker handles all backend testing, onboarding, and white glove support retailers may need while integrating new suppliers and partners, Extend can manage failed deliveries. Extend takes on the cost and overhead of issue resolution, streamlining your internal operations and improving your margins. 

Extend reduces the number of calls your customer service team handles. When customers encounter lost, stolen, or damaged packages, Extend handles the end-to-end claims experience to keep your customers satisfied that your team is working hard to resolve their issues. Then product replacements, handled by Extend, show up on your balance sheet as net-new sales. 

3. Deliver a seamless customer experience

The cost of acquiring new customers has risen nearly 60% over the last five years. It’s more vital than ever that retailers provide a seamless shopping AND post-shopping experience to retain more of your audience.  

The post-purchase experience is critical to customer satisfaction. With Extend shipping protection, customers get a seamless, digital-first claims experience. Unlike some other providers, Extend doesn’t require customers to jump through hoops to get their claims fulfilled. Customers can file claims 24/7 using Extend’s automated digital chatbot, Kaley. No back and forth emails. No need to call (unless they want to). If there are any technical issues that arise during the order, Logicbroker’s automated drop shipping solution will catch any failed orders or incomplete shipments and help retailers quickly get their orders to the correct customers.  

A Combined Effort 

Logicbroker and Extend work together to make your drop shipping operations as seamless and customer-friendly as possible. Retailers cannot afford to hope their drop shipping solution works at critical junctures. Utilizing Logicbroker for your drop shipping solution and Extend for additional shipping protections means every order reaches its destination at a fraction of the cost, all while being protected.  

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