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Logicbroker provides EDI and drop ship technology​ that unites retailers, brands, and the systems they rely on.
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Modernized EDI

Our fresh approach to EDI has made Logicbroker the clear choice for successful brands and retailers. A SaaS platform built to scale your digital commerce business.

The Logicbroker RESTful API wraps clean, modern technology around legacy supply chain data. Quickly code to the most developer-friendly EDI integration platform available.

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Team Expertise

Our team is comprised of talented individuals with a passion for digital commerce. From solution design to everyday support, trust the people and expertise of Logicbroker.
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No Per-Order or Document Fees

Keep your margins with a predictable annual subscription and no transaction fees. No annoying charges per kilocharacter, percentage of revenue, or charge per order.


Whitepapers & eBooks

Stay up to date on the latest industry trends.​

Connected Commerce Network™: Baby Care Industry - eBook

In this eBook, we evaluate the current state of the Baby Care Industry in response to the ever-evolving digital commerce landscape.

D2C Playbook

In this eBook, we seek to provide best practices for brands selling online, including growing their retail networks, expanding their online business, and excelling in vendor performance.

Connecting EDI to an API- Bridging the Data Gap

If you decide to partner with a company who does not provide an API, but rather uses EDI, how would you go about creating the link between an older, rigid data system, and a modern flexible one?

Selling with Amazon Vendor Central

Selling on Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) comes with numerous benefits, but getting started can seem daunting. Learn how Logicbroker + ShipStation can work together to simplify and automate your experience with AVC.

Redefine Your Channel Growth through Drop Ship Automation

According to Inc. magazine, the savviest retailers are integrating drop shipping into their digital commerce transformation to expand their online business. Despite the latest innovations in the internet industry, many brands have not yet taken advantage of selling online effectively.

Upgrade your Drop Ship Technology.

We're powering digital commerce with the most comprehensive EDI & drop ship technology.​
Logicbroker’s powerful software provides EDI & drop ship technology that unites brands, retailers, and the systems they rely on. Harness the latest in cloud and supply chain automation technology with unrivaled speed and integration flexibility. Our award-winning solution crafts the connections that enable digital commerce.


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