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SHELTON, CT | March 19, 2017

Logicbroker is pleased to announce the release of Version 5 (V) of their namesake platform, Logicbroker, to continue providing the most complete drop ship automation and supply chain data integration & management platform for digital commerce.

This release is a major milestone and a result of heavy R&D focus throughout 2016. Logicbroker continues to lead the industry with its fresh approach and modernized technology; 100% multitenant, cloud-based and built natively in Azure cloud. Logicbroker has taken advantage of Azure’s native functionalities, including Blob storage and a search index engine that processes millions of records within minutes. In addition to the scalability, Logicbroker provides one of the most secure platforms on the market, encrypting data both at rest and in transition as opposed to many other traditional solutions, where data is usually unencrypted at rest.

“We evaluated many EDI providers and found Logicbroker to be the company with the strongest technology stack. Their web service (APIs) eliminate EDI integration headaches, lowering cost and improving time to market.”

Phil Guindi, VP Platform & Solution Design, Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment Solution

One of the major enhancements found in Version V is providing new end points in the platform API These endpoints were built as a result of valued feedback from the growing Logicbroker API development community.  The days of integrations through flat files or custom programming are long gone. Retailers and brands now have the luxury of setting up integrations in just days by leveraging a complete suite of end points for order processing and drop ship automation. These businesses can now stay connected to their supply chain data in real-time with webhooks for instant visibility to the order lifecycle. Logicbroker has empowered the digital commerce community with these flexible API endpoints:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Activity Event
  • Attachment
  • Document
  • Inventory
  • Invoice
  • Order
  • Partner
  • Return
  • Shipment
  • Status
  • Webhook

“Our LogicBroker app for allows our customers to quickly become EDI capable and automate key aspects of their eCommerce businesses.  By leveraging the Logicbroker APIs, retailers can sync orders directly from Salesforce to their trading partners and automatically get tracking information back into Salesforce.  And the best part, it works 100% of the time!”

Jon Jessup, CEO, Cloud Conversion

Logicbroker continues to disrupt the EDI industry by eliminating all transaction fees as a part of its subscription model. Logicbroker clients enjoy a predictable monthly subscription without having to calculate complex document, line, and kilo character charges. Logicbroker customers can now also easily search within their aggregated EDI documents using the new Logicbroker search engine. Imagine having a Google-like interface to find all documents that contain certain product descriptions, UPCs, a street address, or any other field transacted within the EDI documents.

“We had an aggressive timeline. We avoided the unknown by going with the proven Logicbroker solution and enjoyed operational support beyond the technology.”

Tommy Chang, VP, eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Misfit

In this release, Logicbroker unveiled its enhanced reporting and analytics suite of tools. SCOR (Supplier Compliance and Operations Reporting) offers real-time visibility to all drop ship transactions, proactive monitoring to maintain compliance, and key performance indicators to ensure vendor compliance. The reporting suite was designed to quickly and easily manage exceptions and proactively field issues to protect the customer experience.

“With Logicbroker’s superior technology and crisp onboarding process, we were able to light up close to 100 drop ship suppliers on an aggressive timeline.”

Rachel De Los Santos, VP operations & logistics,

Creating features for the technical community is a key strategy within the Logicbroker roadmap. Two key features in this release are VFTP and XML Mangler. VFTP (or virtual FTP) is a response to the FTP community that continues to be a big portion of the supply chain data communication protocol. Built using a proprietary algorithm and toolset, Logicbroker provides a secure FTP in its platform by emulating all the features needed in a traditional secure FTP server, plus ensuring data is secure at rest and a direct interface to the Logicbroker API. Under the hood, subscribers have complete visibility to all FTP activities through the Logicbroker web portal. Activities such as who uploads/downloads documents, what types of documents were uploaded and downloaded and simulating functional acknowledgements upon successful downloads.

“The choices of integration with Logicbroker and the flexibility in their interfaces have enabled me to get my clients live very quickly for their EDI integrations.”

Carlo Cotrone, Microsoft Dynamics Development Architect

XML Mangler allows Logicbroker customers to exchange documents via XML in any format. This is a powerful feature for retailers and brands that are XML capable such as SAP iDOC, cXML or any other proprietary XML format. Logicbroker mangles or maps all various XML formats into one standard canonical format and is made available in its API, the Logicbroker Portal, or as EDI/XML/JSON/CSV. In addition to this flexible XML format, customers can take advantage of the variety of communication protocols such as AS/2, https post, webservice, secure FTP, among many other industry standard protocols.

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