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We help you Take Control of your Commerce Programs

Connect. Orchestrate. Grow.

Logicbroker's multi-vendor commerce solutions eliminate the challenges required to seamlessly CONNECT trading partners, empowering organizations to ORCHESTRATE an expanded assortment, reduce inventory risk, and GROW revenue, truly taking control of their customer experience. Our dropship, marketplace, and fulfillment platform offers organizations the agility to switch fulfillment models as demand and margin shift, always ensuring brand integrity and delivery commitments are maintained.

Eliminate Integration Barriers & Streamline Onboarding

Onboarding new vendors and products takes time and labor that many retailers and brands can’t afford to spare. Let us help you onboard suppliers in hours, not months; Bring entire product catalogs online in minutes, not weeks; and, most importantly, integrate to the business systems you rely on in under 6 weeks. Enable your suppliers with the automation tools needed to meet the market at the speed it demands, rather than what legacy tech partners provide. 

Increase Visibility for Efficiency & Control​

Unlock the visibility and control you need to optimize your fulfillment models with Logicbroker at the center of your commerce program. Exception management tools, vendor scorecards, and a product onboarding center sit at the heart of our offerings. We give customers unmatched control over their program and, most importantly, the visibility they need to understand their vendor supply and order fulfillment status to effortlessly switch business models between owned inventory, dropship, and marketplace.

 A Modern Platform & The Support You Need​

Your commerce ecosystem needs to be running 24/7/365. Period. Logicbroker’s Azure-based cloud platform includes dedicated client operations, success managers, and project managers to ensure all projects are organized, on time, and set up for scalable growth.  We call our services “White-Glove” because they are truly best-in-class at providing the support and automation needed in today’s modern commerce landscape.

Quickly Source New Products & Expand Your Assortment

In an age where customer acquisition costs continue to skyrocket, build brand loyalty quickly by discovering new sources of products for a curated expanded assortment. Our tools can help you not only publish new product catalogs in as little as 5 minutes but also help retailers and brands discover and introduce products that match their goals & values.  With detailed compliance guidelines and validations in place, the Logicbroker portal can help you find thoughtful add-ons that will entice customers to make repeat purchases.

Reporting & Collaboration For Consistent Customer Experiences

Logicbroker’s reporting and communication tools ensure consistent customer experiences and on-time, accurate order fulfillment through your entire network. Enable your sellers with the information they need to uphold your brand and meet SLAs.  In addition, real-time order lifecycle updates are automatically updated to ensure accurate and on-time receiving, shipping, delivery, and invoice notifications.

with all your vendors on one powerful platform.

At the core of our best-in-class solutions is our robust, API-first platform. Solid, scalable, and future-proof, it delivers the latest in multi-vendor commerce architecture with unrivaled speed and integration flexibility. Logicbroker is exceptionally vendor-friendly, and our learning experience platform helps new users get up to speed fast.

Our Platform

truly meaningful dropship & marketplace solutions.

You may not be orchestrating an opera, but your commerce solution is just as complex. Logicbroker gives you the control you need to ensure all data sent through your program is properly delivered to the right customer, vendor, retailer, and more. Let Logicbroker handle the backend so you can deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Business Impact

at the scale you and your customers need & demand.

The Logicbroker platform & network is the perfect place to source new vendors, products, and add-ons that perfectly encapsulate your program. Don’t wait around for a customer to come to you, enjoy rapid product & vendor onboarding that allows you to grow at the speed of the market to expand average order volume (AOV) and lifetime value.


Success Stories

Walgreens’ drop ship program gains transparency, cost savings and efficiency from Logicbroker implementation.

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Born to grill, BBQGuys helps consumers get the most out of their backyard from increased efficiency and flexible vendor onboarding with Logicbroker.

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Orangetheory Fitness gains automated supplier onboarding support, a trusted technology partner, and documentation management help through Logicbroker.

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MRCOOL’s unique B2B and D2C dropship solution, which positions them as both a supplier and retailer, enjoys unmatched order and inventory visibility through Logicbroker.

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