Connect, Orchestrate, and Grow with the full potential of Dropship, Marketplace & Supply Chain Visibility commerce solutions

Take back control over your commerce solutions and deliver the selection today's customers want

Eliminate the challenges required to seamlessly connect retailers and brands with Logicbroker. We provide every product and integration you need to meet consumer demand through custom, modern Dropship and Marketplace solutions that help you build a curated expanded assortment while reducing inventory risks and generating more revenue.

How it works

Logicbroker connects retailers, brands, vendors, sellers, and third-party systems, allowing orders to flow smoothly from end to end, from the moment the consumer hits “buy” to the moment their order arrives on their doorstep.  



Use dropship to orchestrate expanded assortment

With Logicbroker, quickly connect with new suppliers to expand your product assortment and adapt to changing consumer demands on your site. Integrate seamlessly no matter what system connections you or your vendors use (API, EDI, XML, etc.) and automate the entire fulfillment process while maintaining full visibility.

With Logicbroker, you can quickly add new drop ship vendors to expand your product assortment

Create your own curated marketplace

With a curated network of marketplace sellers, you can offer your customers more of the products they love. Sellers get the speed, flexibility, and ease of use they crave, and you can respond quickly to trends and shifts in consumer demand.

With Logicbroker, you can create your own curated marketplace

Expand with Supply Chain Visibility

As consumer demands continue to evolve due to supply chain disruption challenges, retailers need to secure inventory and see exactly what is happening throughout the entire order lifecycle. With Logicbroker’s Supply Chain Visibility solution, retailers can return to the predictable.   

Supply Chain Visibility
supply chain visibility


The Complete Commerce Fulfillment Solutions Guide

Read our first-of-its-kind whitepaper designed to give retailers, brands, suppliers, vendors, and more unique insight into the many facets of commerce and what solutions may, or may not be, viable for your organization.

Add new revenue streams without adding new employees

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