Successful suppliers implement logicbroker and see immediate results

Are you a supplier? Are you looking to do business with large retailers such as BestBuy, Walmart, and/or Bed Bath & Beyond? Are you tired of receiving expensive chargebacks from your retail trading partners? Are you frustrated from receiving orders in multiple formats? If this sounds like you, logicbroker is the solution to these problems and more.

Logicbroker has a robust portfolio of 1,019 trading partners. If you are looking to expand your business through large retailers, logicbroker will implement an end-to-end integration to eliminate the need to manually input order information. Flexible connectivity allows logicbroker to accept order documents in EDI, XML, or CSV and will map to the large retailer’s standards.

Trading Partners

A perk of an end-to-end integration is the elimination of manual data entry. When orders are seamlessly brought in from your partner, you will not need to rekey this information—ensuring information is always accurate. Your chances of shipping errors are greatly reduced with automation, and the costs associated with shipping errors are removed.


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Implementing logicbroker allows you to receive orders in one format. EDI 850 documents replace paper purchase orders. For partners that are not EDI compliant, they can log into the logicbroker portal and place orders, so you still receive them via EDI. When sending 832s (product catalog price files), 846s (product inventory), and 810s (invoices) and receiving 850s (purchase orders) the documents flow faster than email, fax, or phone calls. EDI’s speed enables you to work in real time, giving your retailers accurate inventory information and fostering better business relationships.

A successful supplier using logicbroker will no longer have the need to work with multiple EDI providers and will eliminate logging into disparate “vendor portals.” Logicbroker automatically creates incoming order into accounting software or ERPs and sends tracking information back to retailers via EDI. This will save the supplier hours each day on data entry.