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Expand your product assortment and take control of your fulfillment operations with Logicbroker for dropshipping

To thrive in today’s digital marketplace, you must offer your customers a wider selection of goods and a flawless shopping experience. With Logicbroker’s dropshipping solutions, retailers and brands can quickly build an endless aisle while reducing costs and warehousing space.

Add New Vendors and Products Quickly

The beauty of dropship is that you can build and change your inventory to meet customer demand. Let us help you onboard suppliers in hours, not months; Bring entire product catalogs online in minutes, not weeks; and, most importantly, integrate to the business systems you rely on regardless of connection type.

Connect with vendors with Logicbroker's nimble drop shipping automation platform.

Our nimble dropshipping tools allow you to connect with vendors regardless of their integration type—API, EDI, XML, CSV, FTP, and more

Vendors love Logicbroker's drop shipping automation because we don't require contracts.

Suppliers love Logicbroker because we don’t require supplier contracts or charge per document or transaction, like most of our competitors.

Logicbroker's drop shipping automation software includes interactive online tutorials.

Our interactive online tutorials & retailer-designed integration pages help new suppliers get up to speed with Logicbroker.

Logicbroker's automation software for drop shipping includes on-demand vendor onboarding.

On-demand supplier onboarding is backed by support from our expert team as needed, with tracking tools that let you monitor progress.

Drop shipping automation allows vendors to perform testing prior to going live.

Suppliers perform testing before going live, so you can be confident that orders will be communicated and fulfilled properly.

has the ability to onboard entire product catalogs in under 5 minutes giving retailers unparalleled speed-to-market and the ability to drive revenue faster than ever before.

Getting connected with Logicbroker was easy and seamless. The team at Logicbroker did all the heavy lifting on the back end to get us connected to our retail partners as quickly as possible. The industry's response time from their development and support teams is unmatched.

Brian Pray

IT Manager at Longfield Gardens

Gain Visibility and Control Across Your Ecosystem

With a user-friendly portal, robust functionality, and unmatched visibility, our dropshipping solutions gives retailers and brands the power to seamlessly connect every product and integration they need to meet consumer demand; Orchestrate the perfect multi-vendor commerce solution; and grow revenue like never before.

Invoice Tracking
Product Feeds
Returns & Cancellations

Build the Optimal Product Assortment with Merchandising Expertise

Our Client Success Managers can help you expand your inventory with products that fit your brand, from vendors with a proven track record of quality. Plug into our extensive network of vendors to test new SKUs, enable new verticals, and keep your best-selling items in stock.

Our Expertise
Build an optimal product assortment with Logicbroker's drop shipping network & expertise.

Sell Your Products in More Places

Logicbroker can help you break into new online sales channels with unmatched speed and simplicity if you're a brand with products to sell. Connect with our huge network of certified retail and marketplace channels, or let us build custom connections to new ones.

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Logicbroker's drop shipping automation software lets you sell more products in more places.

In our research, one of Logicbroker’s other clients, who we reached out to for a reference, gave us the feedback that Logicbroker was a partner, not just a service provider. I could not agree more. [Logicbroker] has a strong ‘we are one team’ mentality and are responsive and supportive. I look forward to what the future brings.

Jennifer Raber

Director, Retail Digital Business Enablement

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