Supply Chain Visibility Software from Logicbroker

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain complete transparency to the entire order lifecycle and visibility into current and future product availability with Logicbroker's Supply Chain Visibility Solution.

As consumer demands continue to evolve due to supply chain disruption challenges, retailers need to secure inventory and see precisely what is happening throughout the entire order lifecycle. With Logicbroker’s Supply Chain Visibility software, retailers can return to the predictable.   

Visibility Into Future Supply

Our Supply Chain Visibility solution eliminates challenges through visibility into warehouse level inventory to help determine product quantity, location, and availability. Optimize purchasing decisions based current stock, forecasted needs, and future availability dates to ensure products are available when your customers want them.

Supply chain visibility solutions allow warehouse level insights for better purchasing.

Automate Receiving with GS1 Labels

Logicbroker’s Supply Chain Visibility solutions allow suppliers of all sizes and technical sophistication to generate GS1 labels to automate your receiving process. Simply scan the barcode to route the items more efficiently in and through the distribution center, quickly adding items into inventory.

Supply chain visibility platform automates receiving with GS1 labels.

Predictable Deliveries

Stop wondering when deliveries will arrive, what items will be included on the pallet, and how to temporarily staff your warehouse for inbound activities. With our Supply Chain Visibility software, you’ll know exactly what order lines are still open, shipped, and invoiced.

Grow your network quickly with supply chain visibility software.

Grow Your Network Quickly

Give customers what they want by adding new sources of supply. Introducing new Warehouses, 3PL’s, Distributors, and Manufacturers without connection hassles can help mitigate supply chain issues, introduce a wider array of products, and improve customer experience.

Get alerted of late shipments immediately with supply chain management tools.

Get Alerted Immediately

Don’t be surprised by late shipments or find you’ve understaffed receiving when shipments turn up early. Plan out your operational calendar with confidence using the automated issue alerts in our Supply Chain Visibility tools. Retailers can set up custom alerts to match their needs.

Get visibility with our order lifecycle management.

Order Lifecycle Visibility

Order tracking and insights into inventory, backorders, shipments, estimated ship dates, and vendor performance let you know which pallets are going where, always. Logicbroker’s advanced Supply Chain Visibility solution gives retailers the information they need to plan ahead 

The [Logicbroker] team has bent over backwards to meet our needs, and time and time again have proven to be a true partner. Without a doubt, we would not be where we are today without the people and technology of Logicbroker.

Dan Alba

Vice President of IT

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