Launch and maintain a B2C or B2B marketplace with Logicbroker for marketplace automation


Curate an endless aisle of goods while giving sellers the speed, flexibility, and ease of use they crave with Logicbroker's marketplace solutions

The Moment for a Curated Marketplace is Now

In a world where customer demand constantly changes, you need agility to deliver the right products immediately. It’s why more brands and retailers are creating their own marketplaces every day. With Logicbroker’s multi-vendor commerce platform, you can quickly launch and effortlessly maintain a D2C or B2B marketplace that attracts sellers, keeps you ahead of the supply chain, and delivers more of the goods your customers want. 

Offer More Products Aligned with Your Goals

To get real value from your marketplace solution, think deep, not wide. A curated marketplace with on-brand products and suppliers that fit the expectations of your target market can drive significantly higher AOV. Our marketplace experts can help you define and execute an innovative strategy that fits your goals.

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Offer more products aligned with your goals with marketplace automation software.

Add New Sellers Fast, Regardless of Integration Type

When demand changes, you need to be able to pivot. Logicbroker supports any type of integration (API-led but supporting EDI, XML, SFTP, etc.) to allow fast, easy, on-demand onboarding of new marketplace sellers. With our marketplace tools, data and transactions flow cleanly and seamlessly regardless of the number of sellers you add.

Our Platform
With a multi vendor marketplace software, you can add new sellers quickly & seamlessly.

The ease of connecting with Logicbroker is an exceptional value that no other provider brings to the table. It was a fantastic experience working with Logicbroker to quickly onboard with leading retailers. We look forward to expanding our partnership in the near future.

Paul Suhr

EDI Coordinator at Jordan Manufacturing

Move to Marketplace Without Heavy Lifting

The payment processing rules, tax requirements, and commission revenue models of marketplaces may not align with your existing systems and processes. Logicbroker’s robust multi-vendor marketplace platform makes it simple.

Split payments and payment provider integration with Logicbroker's marketplace automation.

Split Payments and Payment Provider Integration

Sophisticated marketplace sellers expect quick turnarounds for payment. Logicbroker works with most marketplace payment providers to offer a seamless “invoice-free” experience and splits payments quickly and automatically.

A B2B marketplace platform with product management to ensure you control product data.

Product Onboarding Center

Logicbroker's Product Onboarding Center allows retailers to load entire product catalogs in as little as 5 minutes. With this easy-to-use interface, eliminate the dependence on spreadsheets, reduce manual touchpoints, and increase speed-to-market as you review all your dropship and marketplace products through one pane of glass.

Control inventory & avoid overselling with Logicbroker's marketplace management software.


Oversell is an eCommerce killer. Our marketplace tools give you multiple ways to manage high-turn products including minimum stock alerts, safety stock allocations, and unlimited price and inventory updates from your sellers.

Logicbroker's marketplace management software includes standard contract templates.

Structured Commission Handshake

Upfront terms and conditions are essential to marketplace success. We provide a standard contract template that helps prevent weeks or months of contract redlining.

Logicbroker's B2B marketplace software includes automated issue tracking and resolution.

Dispute Resolution

Occasional disputes between customers and sellers are inevitable—but they don’t have to hurt your brand. Our B2B & D2C marketplace solutions include automated issue tracking and resolution, plus tools to help you intervene when needed.

Sell Products in More Places with Marketplace Solutions

If you’re a brand with products, Logicbroker's marketplace solution can help you break into new online sales channels with unmatched speed and simplicity. Connect with our vast network of certified retail and marketplace channels, or let us build custom connections to new ones.

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Sell products in more places with multi-vendor marketplace software from Logicbroker.

Two years ago, the global pandemic changed the landscape for retailers and brands. We at Samsung realized that we needed to respond to consumers with a better global drop ship and marketplace platform. The most complete solution with a fast time to market was Logicbroker. They had a roadmap that aligned with our global strategy. Today we are live with Logicbroker in 7 different countries across 3 different continents with a solid plan to get to 20 countries by the end of the year.

Udayakumar Thulasiram

Product Executive, Samsung Global

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