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Coordinating Your Franchisees Has Never Been This Easy

Logicbroker’s Multi-Vendor Commerce platform ensures that no matter the fulfillment model, your franchisees will never be left in the dark. Our platform is designed to deliver the control and coordination you need to guarantee products and new store openings are on brand and on time.

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The Easy Path

Consumers expect consistent brand experiences. Help guide your franchisees on their product choices with a custom-made eCommerce solution. Logicbroker creates an easy path to allow your franchisees to sort through a list of approved products—from furnishings to cleaning materials to branded products for consumers on their way out. Once everything is uploaded in the system, it’s just a few button presses to make sure your latest storefront is keeping up with your brand identity.

A Rewarding Experience

Creating a marketplace or buying environment for your franchisees doesn’t have to be tedious, and, in practice, is quite fun. Set up various rewards, coupons, or even group buying discounts for those using your ecosystem to ensure that not only is your brand identity secure, but your franchisees remain happy. When each store wins, the whole company wins.

Don’t Over Invest

As you continue to grow, creating a franchisee fulfillment model based around dropshiping ensures you are asset-light. Don’t waste money on unused inventory or space housing products in a warehouse in the hopes a new store will use them eventually. Let your modern dropship solution through Logicbroker ensure that your owned inventory and dropship models work seamlessly together. Grow at the rate your network needs, not at the rate your inventory allows.

Take The Hassle Out Of Openings

We all know how tedious new location openings can be. Getting an entire storefront stocked with supplies, products, and merchandise they need to thrive from the start requires lots of upfront capital and management. Logicbroker’s advanced fulfillment platform ensures that store openings are just another automated process. Our platform helps you coordinate deliveries and orders before the opening to ensure the smoothest possible outcome.

Centralized… As All Franchises Should Be

Make your franchisees’ lives easier through centralization. All of their product and fulfillment questions can be directed through the Logicbroker platform. Each franchisee will be able to connect effortlessly and communicate their wants and needs. Our platform allows for more robust accounting, invoice control, and SKU coordination. Even the onboarding is done in just hours for new suppliers you want to bring into the network.

Having previously worked at other companies in a similar capacity, I was familiar with potential order processing challenges. Given the high volume of orders and dropshipping model, I wanted to make sure the process was standardized for suppliers. I wanted a very intuitive interface for documentation and document visibility. The technology behind Logicbroker was standardized and perfected for our suppliers. It was an easy fit.

Joe Nardolilli

Senior Director of Retail & eCommerce

Modern Franchise Fulfillment Can't Get Easier Than This

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