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Connected Commerce Network™

Join Logicbroker's exclusive drop ship program.

Logicbroker’s Connected Commerce Network™ is an exclusive vendor program that delivers a unified order management solution by connecting retailers & brands.
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Drop Ship Certification
Retailers leverage our Connected Commerce Network™ to increase product assortment, while brands can connect to additional retailers and marketplaces to broaden selling channels. Members of our Connected Commerce Network™ receive our coveted Drop Ship Certification badge, conveying a sense of trust to the digital commerce community.


Trading Partners
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Gain access to over 120 Logicbroker Certified EDI trading partners and four marketplaces with one master connection.
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Dedicated resources every step of the way, including but not limited to onboarding, trainings webinars, and case studies.
$0 Transactional Fees
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Logicbroker charges a flat monthly fee for our product and services.
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Join the Connected Commerce Network™ to ease adding to your breadth of assortment with access to trusted Connected Commerce brands and products.
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By joining our exclusive Connected Commerce Network™, integrate with limitless retail channels to get your product assortment in front of a wider audience.
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