Picture this – it’s the middle of your business’ busy season. There is a significant uptick in daily order volume, until an outage occurs. After scrambling to identify the issue and its root cause and handle the influx of customer service inquiries, you determine that your longstanding provider for drop ship fulfillment was down.

As more consumers take advantage of the ease and safety associated with shopping online, it is business-critical to partner with technology companies that can handle and support your business growth. In particular, we are homing in on the role of security in eCommerce fulfillment partners.

Due to the current economic climate, retailers, brands, and manufacturers are accelerating their approach to online selling and drop shipping which requires a distributed ecosystem of partners and the ability to scale quickly. Working with multiple suppliers adds potential risk. Old technology can leave your business unable to scale and vulnerable to outages.

 A benefit of utilizing the Logicbroker platform is that it was built with the application and connections to enable an environment that is secure for both our customers and their trading partners. Our data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. This ensures sensitive information is protected every step of the way. As an added layer of protection, Logicbroker offers PGP encryption. With PGP encryption, data is exchanged using a private and public key to decrypt and encrypt information for both outbound and inbound documents. Thorough testing is performed prior to going live to ensure the information is securely exchanged.

Choosing a cloud-based solution, like Logicbroker, that is designed to securely handle the connections and traffic of a flexible ecosystem, provides both scalability and security. Since the Logicbroker platform is 100% cloud-based and hosted in Microsoft Azure, the power of Microsoft security is extended to our users. Additionally, companies can easily handle peak sales, as our cloud-based platform is built to scale. The flexibility to add more partners, orders, and more bandwidth without worrying about adding new, bulky servers and the built-in redundancy safeguards against outages.

Logicbroker has adopted the key compliance standards of CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure our customers can operate across the country and across the globe. We have a commitment to our customers to ensure their data is secure, and in turn, that their customer’s data is secure. For visibility, Logicbroker users can subscribe to GDPR reports which deliver a list of documents that had personal data removed.

For additional security, Logicbroker caps the maximum number of incorrect login attempts to five. After five incorrect login attempts, users are locked out and prompted to reset their password. Logicbroker’s platform enables single sign on (SSO) which centralizes access, securely authenticates applications and websites with one sign on. Within user profiles in the portal, users can review their account login history including IP address, log in date and time.

Our micro-services architecture allows companies to choose the way they want to modernize their tech stack. They can choose to migrate their entire dropship program, 3PL and Warehouse fulfillment, or migrate just a portion of their supplier base or a single spoke of their eCommerce fulfillment operation. Opening a second avenue to manage trading partners and orders without altering current operations works to safeguard in case of any outages. Alternately, companies may choose to completely migrate off their legacy provider. Choosing to align with best-in-class software that is a modern, cloud-based, micro-services architecture and dedicated to delivering API-led technology future-proofs and safeguards your business.

Learn why Walgreens partnered with Logicbroker in our customer case study.

Karim Hadchiti

Karim Hadchiti

Karim has extensive leadership expertise and experience in managing and guiding companies through rapid growth. As a COO at Logicbroker, he is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the company’s overall vision and execution. He has more than 20 years of experience delivering results in high-growth eCommerce and technology companies. He has held various executive roles with companies in the retail space, distribution, manufacturing, and internet channels. His latest position was Vice President of Global eCommerce at Office Depot, where he developed and executed the company’s global strategy for over 55 websites in 41 countries, delivering over $4.9 billion in revenue. Karim holds an MBA in finance & an MS Civil Engineering from the University of Texas and is currently on the board of several privately held companies.


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