10 Ways Vendors Damage Their Brand On Amazon

Webinar Overview

Whether or not you sell to Amazon.com, your products are most likely listed on the platform. If you’re not actively managing your brand presence in biggest e-commerce channel, then you could be doing real damage to your brand. How do you manage retailers who sell your products as 3rd party merchants? How do you maintain consistent branding and pricing?

Selling on Amazon.com’s platform is a huge opportunity for success but it’s also full of pitfalls that can hurt how customers and retailers view your brand. Your Amazon.com strategy has to be comprehensive to protect what you’ve spent so much time and money to build.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the top ways vendor damage their brand on Amazon.com, including:
–  Allowing any retailer to sell on Amazon’s platform
–  Using Amazon to get rid of inventory
–  Letting retailers control your branding
–  Ignoring customer feedback
–  Not having an Amazon strategy even if you don’t sell on Amazon

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