Receive Orders Automatically via EDINew NetSuite EDI Sales Order

For suppliers that work with large retailers and trading partners that send orders electronically, logicbroker can:

  • Receive EDI purchase orders (850)
  • Automatically send purchase order acknowledgements (EDI 855)
  • Translate and dynamically create sales orders in NetSuite
  • Receive other popular PO formats, like XML, CSV, or web service
  • Provide a web portal for non-EDI trading partners that is integrated to NetSuite

New NetSuite ASN I thinkGenerate and Send ASNs via EDI

Effortlessly send shipping information to trading partners.

  • Automatically generate and send advanced shipment notices to trading partners
  • Supported formats include EDI (856), XML, CSV, or email notification
  • Full bar code labeling compliance and GS1-128 (UCC-128) support
  • Pre-populated packing slip

Automate Inventory and Pricing Updates via EDINew NetSuite Inventory

Provide accurate pricing and inventory updates to trading partners without manual touches.

  • Send inventory updates in real time or configure for  individual business needs
  • Pull quantity on hand and turn into EDI (846)
  • Pull current price level and turn into EDI (832)
  • Supported formats include EDI, XML, and CSV
  • Logicbroker manages the mapping and satisfies your trading partners’ unique required formats

New NetSuite InvoiceSend Invoices via EDI

Get paid faster and shorten the order-to-cash cycle by sending invoices electronically.

  • Invoices are pulled from NetSuite and translated automatically
  • Flexible configuration based on business requirements
  • EDI invoices comply with trading partners’ format
  • Supported formats include EDI (810), XML, and CSV

Magento Integration mage screen for netsute

Logicbroker leverages a seamless integration between NetSuite and Magento with no need for import/export.

  • Catalog information-using NetSuite as item master, keep your Magento store in sync and up to date with the latest product catalog information
  • Inventory information- real-time visibility to quantity on hand
  • Order information- automatically insert web orders into NetSuite without re-keying data
  •  Shipping information- after order is fulfilled, tracking is sent to Magento and order status is changed to shipped, triggering the shipment notification email to the customer
  • Automatically send sales orders and receive purchase order acknowledgements, shipping information and invoices